Sunday, 19 August 2012

New To The Scene - Laneway

by Jo Michelmore

It started with a guitar, a little waltz like beat and the words “…getting to know you was quite a battle, trying to lose you is another matter, love is a devil…and the devil wants more” and I knew I was hooked. There's something I just love about falling in love with a song, not knowing who it's by and conducting an intense search to find its owner, creator/s and performer/s. It's a sense of intense emotion, the feeling of needing to know immediately so the moment isn't lost and the love doesn't fade. Luckily, I didn't have to search far to find the owners of the delicious little song ‘Love Is A Devil’, and what I found was a cute little duo called Laneway.

Think a little bit country, a little bit indie pop, a little bit folksy; Paul Hannan and Louise O'Reilly have been making sweet music together since releasing their first album 'If You Don't Need It Let It Go' three years ago. That was a beautiful eclectic collection of acoustic guitars, drums and sweet gently swinging melodies but it was only a taste of what this duo had to offer. Their latest release, ‘Turn Your Love Up’ is ten songs of absolute loveliness, a journey of heartbreak and observations of love, life and a little fun thrown in as well. The track I first heard, ‘Love Is A Devil’ is just perfect, ‘Fading Away’ is a swinging indie pop gem and if you don’t feel the need to tap your toes at ‘Simple Life’ you may possibly need to check your heartbeat (still alive, yes?).

This isn’t the type of music or album that is going to grab you by the neck and force you to listen, love it for a while and then replace it next month. What this album does is much more sinister and fabulous than that. It will seep into your system slowly; a little gentle reminder of how amazing it is as each song unfolds. You’ll hear the heartbreaking lyrics every now and then; “If you’re feeling sorrow, please don’t catch my eye, instead let’s turn our heads and pass each other by….I’ll never see you again, but I saw right into you just then”, you’ll find yourself stopping and listening, getting lost in the moment, somewhere far away from wherever you are, you’ll feel uncomfortably comfortable and warm and then when it’s over you’ll put it on again and again until you know it back to front but can’t quite work out how. ‘Turn Your Love Up’ is beautiful, sweet, simple and such a pleasure to listen to.

Thankfully I’m not alone in my love for Laneway, as earlier this month they won the coveted Grant McLennan Fellowship which gives them the opportunity to travel to Berlin to write and record some more and let Europe experience some of their talent. Before they go, they’ll be embarking on a national tour through September and October. Until then, you need to support amazing independent artists and go to their website, buy their album or download a digital copy and visit their bandcamp, facebook, twitter, youtube; you know, all the usual pages so you can seem like a cool kid that liked them before the rest of the world does. I did. Go on, you know you want to.

 Laneway Tour Dates, 2012

Saturday 8th September – Babushka Bar, Ballarat, VIC
Friday 14th September – The Wheatsheaf, Adelaide, SA
Saturday 15th September – The Palais Theatre, Hepburn Springs, VIC
Sunday 16th September – Workers Club, Melbourne, VIC
Thursday 20th September – The Front, Canberra, ACT
Friday 21st September – The Heritage Hotel, Bulli, NSW
Saturday 22nd September – The Great Northern, Newcastle, NSW
Sunday 23rd September – The Clarendon Guesthouse, Katoomba, NSW
Wednesday 26th September – Folk Club, Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, NSW
Friday 28th September – The Soundlounge, Gold Coast, QLD
Sunday 21st October – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, QLD
Saturday 27th October – Drill Hall, Mullumbimby NSW

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