Sunday, 26 August 2012

New To The Scene - The Stress of Leisure


Who: Ian Powne - Lead vocals/guitar. Pascalle Burton - Keys, vocals. 
Ben Moore - Bass. Jessica Moore - Drums.
Genre: Antipodean Pop/Indie
From: Brisbane, Australia
For Fans Of: The Cure, The Flaming Lips, Pulp, The Go-Betweens

"As he puts the key in the ignition, they're thinking about sex time. And we're gonna have a time (sex time), a time that's separate from all other time (sex time), and we're gonna have a time (sex time)... sex time (yeah)." Oh my... I have a new favourite song. Any guesses as to what it's called? Why, yes, it IS called 'Sex Time' and it's from The Stress of Leisure's new album, Cassowary. The song is ridiculous and fun, it made me laugh out loud (known as a 'literal lol') and the most important thing it did was make me want to find out a whole lot more about this Sunshine State band. 

endangered species by TheLavenderRoom

First up, I listened to Cassowary on The Stress of Leisure's soundcloud page, where you can hear it in its entirety until the end of August. Yeah, that's not far away, so go listen to it. Now! You'll find yourself bopping along to 'Hot Fire!' and all at once you'll laugh along to, shake your head at and fall in love with 'Sex Time.' My favourite track was 'Endangered Species.' Lead vocalist, Ian Powne's voice in the album's second last track is all kinds of awesome and I've found myself coming back to listen to it again and again the last couple of days. 

Next, I needed to know when they're playing in Brisbane so I can go see them live. When are they playing? This Friday at The Beetle Bar! It's the Cassowary album launch and they're bringing two other local favourites, The Bell Divers and Primitive Motion along too. I'm excited about the $10 ticket price. Don't you judge me, I'm poor. What can you do now? Have a listen to The Stress of Leisure's fourth album Cassowary, cancel your plans for Friday night and join me at The Beetle Bar and read up on the band by following the links below. Enjoy!

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