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Who Do You Think You Are - Rach Sorensen

Conceptually mad? Nope. It's Rach Sorensen!

It's about time we started doing some 'mash-ups' with other blogs we love and tonight we're getting this initiative rolling with Rach Sorensen, the writer behind our favourite new read, The Concept of Madness. "A place where those of a creative nature which dance on the borders of hypo-mania can find some daily rest." With thoughts and posts ranging from the meaning of inspiration and the muse to Where the Wild Things Are drawings to satisfy that cool inner-90s kid lurking within, Rach and her concept and challenge of madness, the weird and the wonderful are a must-read. Rach has a great appreciation for music too, which makes her the perfect candidate for our weekly interview session! We had a chat about the last song she'd ever want to hear, dream festival booking, underrated artists and I go all psychoanalytical for a minute too. Enjoy and don't forget to head on over to The Concept of Madness for a good read after!

Q. What have been your favourite songs of 2012 so far? 

Rach: Frank Ocean ‘Thinking About You’ has got to be my absolute most preferred of 2012. I have logistical evidence of this with my iTunes clocking 482 plays shifting it over into the ‘freakily obsessed’ category. The song was actually a 2011 debut by Frank but considering it is featured on his new album ‘Channel Orange’ released this month I will ignore this technicality. Besides it just being an insanely good song for reasons that go beyond written or verbal description but can only be experienced, the recent announcement of Franks homosexuality gives the lyrics a whole new dimension and re-invents the heavenly awesomeness of the song again. It is the song that keeps on giving.

In between Frank, my other 2012 releases on repeat are ‘Angels’ by The XX (I am an The XX lemming, they could release anything and I’d follow it… except it wouldn’t lead me to disaster like an actual Lemming) and staying true to my hip-hop blood ‘Sleepless Dreamers’ by The Pro-Letarians, a duo from Indiana and my new all-time faves.

Q./Statement? - You were writing about Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud recently on The Concept of Madness, so I'm going to go all psychoanalyst (or something) on you by playing a little game called word association. I'm gonna throw some phrases, singers or bands at you and you just write down the first word that comes to your head. Got it? Great. Here we go...

I know this is droppin' it, but I don't know if it's hot...

i) The X Factor – (Scream!)
ii) Nicki Minaj – Lil’ Kim?
iii) Justin Bieber - Iloveyou
iv) 90s Music – Lives!
v) One Direction - Shame

Q. What would be the last song you'd ever want to hear. Ever. And why?


Rach: Ever! You are so morbid. ‘The Woman In You’ by Ben Harper. I can’t even tell you why. It has been my number one song of all time ever since I heard it eleven years ago yet I have never been able to pinpoint exactly why I am so irrationally head over heels for it. I guess mystery is just the nature of true love. All I know is that every time it plays my heart flips and throbs and does all weird stuff.

Q./Challenge? - I'm assuming you like to make lists. Make a list for me now! The theme of the list? The 10 most underrated music acts. Go!

1) N.E.R.D. (I know there are less-fortunate people in the world to feel sorry for than Pharrell Williams but I still believe N.E.R.D. never received the praise and glory they were worthy of. I put it down to being too ahead of their time.)
2) Ja Rule – Judge away… I have grown quite accustomed to it.
3) The Pro-Letarians – Listen to them now! No I am not their publicist.
4) Badly Drawn Boy – I cannot comprehend why every single person in the whole world doesn’t love them.
5) Keith Sweat – Twisted? Anyone?? Nup, just me.
6) Kings of Convenience – They’re like a cuter, Frencher Jack Johnson…. C’mon!!!!
7) Post-Country Grammar-Contemporary-Day Nelly – Give him a second chance, the guy tries really hard, he just wants us to like him that’s all.
8) Robin Thicke – Australians still haven’t clued on, seemingly he is the one and only thing Americans have gotten right.
9) The Weeknd – It upsets me when Lil’ Wayne gets air-time over him. Sigh.
10) Rocki Evans – Just as good as Frank Ocean. Yep, I said it.

"What do you mean people don't like me?"

Q. Splendour In The Grass is done for the year and the Big Day Out line-up has left fans divided. If The Concept of Madness put on their own festival, who'd you put on the bill?

Rach: Oh my Lordy, ready and inhale...

KanyeWest (scrap that because then Kim would have to come and I would have to entertain her and I just… ugh no I couldn’t), Jodeci, Drake, BenHarper, ActiveChild, HologramAliyah.

Q. Finish this sentence; music is important to me because...

Rach: It is the most rewarding source of inspiration available that requires the least amount of effort to reap its heart stirring rewards. I don’t have to read it. I don’t have to watch it. I don’t have to scroll down it. I don’t have to flip any pages. I don’t have to exert any physical energy whatsoever. All I have to do is sit and listen.

Thanks to Rach for her amazing answers. That's so true about music being the most rewarding medium to require so little from you. You can sign me up for The Concept of Madness Festival too... so many holograms, so little time! Don't forget, you could be next dear readers... you've just got to like our Facebook page! Speaking of Facebook, have a look at The Concept of Madness on Facebook too! 

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