Tuesday, 25 September 2012

10 and 1 - Un/Forgettable In Every Way

Tori Amos: Sorry I forget about you sometimes...

I listen to too much music. Do you listen to too much music? I listen to too much music. Not really though, for there is no such thing as listening to too much music. There's not enough time in the day to listen to all the music I'd like to and there's always so much new music to listen to and love. So it only makes sense that you forget about some songs that you really, really wish you didn't. Damn my inability to unlock the other 90% of my brain! You'd better hope I never figure out how to realise my mental potential. Yes, you! What? On the other hand, it's always nice to have an old favourite pop up on shuffle to give you one of those, "how could I ever forget you/never leave me again" moments. Those moments? I get them a lot. Here's hoping you do too, because so much can be hidden in an un/forgettable song. A shared joke with an old friend. An embarrassing dance move no one can ever know about. Low points, high points... a song can unlock a whole flood of memories and emotions. Music is the best, right? I've had the pleasure of enjoying the company of these ten former flames in the last couple of weeks (we are indeed still talking about music) and, as is the custom with the '10 and 1,' I will leave you with one song I really wish I hadn't heard again. One song that can drop the 'un' and just be forgettable. Don't forget to let me know about some of your recent un/forgettable tracks too!

The 10:

Goodbye Mickie Finn
by Something With Numbers

by The Cardigans


This Is My House, This Is My Home
by We Were Promised Jetpacks

by The Tutts

Wise Up
by Aimee Mann 


Love and Terror
by The Cinematics


Hey Jupiter
by Tori Amos

by Counting Crows

by Jem

Touch It
by Monifah

Hearing 'Touch It' blaring from a fancy looking convertible on the weekend made me do one of those gross 'HA-n!' laughs that have been going around lately. One line was all it took to get me shouting, "are you listening to Mo-ni-fah?!" You might have pretended not to hear me, but I know you did! Good times, great music.

The 1:

Hooked On A Feeling
by Blue Swede



55 Year-Old Service Station Attendant: "You don't like 'Hooked On A Feeling?"
Me: "What gave it away?"
55 Year-Old Service Station Attendant: "I thought your eye started twitching when it came on."
Me: "That just happens sometime."
55 Year-Old Service Station Attendant: "You might want to get that checked out."

Sure, I suffer from the occasional lazy left-eye, but that twitch? It was because of 'Hooked On A Feeling.' I lied, but it was a white lie. You could tell that fella enjoyed it and I just didn't have the heart to say it's creepy, it's wrong. I am not hooked on a feeling and I will not be ooga-chaka-ing with you. Ever. To think I had forgotten about something so vile, only to have it thrown in my face. Now it's stuck there. Watching, waiting to return at the worst times. Ehhhh. 

And then I think of Ally McBeal, but I think you've heard enough about my problems...

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