Sunday, 30 September 2012

New To The Scene - Les Marionettes


Who: Ger Eaton - Synth/Vocals, Keith Farrell - Bass/Synth/Vocals, 
Lucy Coady - Simmons Drums/Vocals and Derren Dempsey - Guitar/Synth/Vocals.
Genre: Electronic/Indie
From: Ireland
For Fans Of: The 80s, The Synthesizer

Thanks to a hot tip from our European correspondent, Sé McCormack, we're heading back to Ireland this week to have a listen to the incredibly intriguing four-piece, Les Marionettes. Creating a stark point of difference to the current music landscape, the band's sound and image are full-on 80s throwback; layered synths, multiple vocal lines... the fashion, the hair and even the videos. It's all a bit quirky, camp and undeniably retro, but Les Marionettes make it work. There's a lot to love here.

Lead singer, Ger Eaton exudes an effortlessly cool charm that most of us would kill to possess. I honestly can't say what I like more; his subdued vocals or that hair/sideburn combo he's rocking in 'Sign Your Release.' Obviously it's the voice, but still... some of us can only dream of pulling off his look. Lucy Coady similarly leaves a lasting impression. Perfectly suited vocally to the electronic environment and she looks like a total badass playing those Simmons electronic drums. The big 'L' earrings in the 'Sign Your Release' video were a nice touch too. It's the little things that make me love a band.

Les Marionettes have two EPs out that you can pick up over at their Bandcamp page. Last year's Sign Your Release EP is a lot of fun. The title track is one of their most memorable. Cooler than cool, it leaves you wanting to hear a whole lot more. The Meet My Generation EP was released in March this year and show's off a much more diverse sound. A brilliant track like 'Comatose' makes you understand exactly why Les Marionettes are being touted by some as 'the future sound of Irish music.' What can you do know? Head on over to their Bandcamp page, have a little listen to their EPs (go on and buy one, you know you want to) and then check out their Facey-book page and give it a big thumbs up. That means like it. Links below... enjoy! 

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