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Gig Review - Drunken Moon Festival (29/09/12)

Drunken Moon Festival (29/09/12)
Live at The Hi-Fi, Brisbane
Review by Katie Langley

When I heard that Kira Puru and The Bruise were going to be playing with Gay Paris AND Brothers Grim and The Blue Murders at the Drunken Moon Festival I knew it was an opportunity that I could not pass by. Then I read the description for the event – “If you took a 70's muscle car slasher film and tore it up into a bunch of bands...these would be the ones you couldn't look away from”. Sold.

As I waited for Jo and Cordell to arrive on the evening, Vodka in hand, watching the fireworks from Riverfire and the inevitable riff raff it seems to attract, I couldn’t help but marvel at all of the well-manicured beards entering the venue. Always a sign of a good night to follow.

Kira Puru and The Bruise

I only recently joined the Kira Puru and The Bruise bandwagon after having seen them at Bigsound. Nevertheless, I’ve hitched my ride and it’s safe to say that I’m not getting off. When I last saw them, Kira herself played the part of a woman scorned, with glassy eyes and an acid tongue. At Drunken Moon I saw a different Kira – she had a total foxy lady vibe, with huge eyelashes to bat, and a sexy swagger to her step. Purely speculation of course, but I’m putting it down to all of those well-manicured beards. There was a small hiccup when Geordie’s guitar strap broke mid-strong, and although he admitted defeat by rolling back onto the floor, it was only momentary, and it wasn’t long before he got his shit together and I was mesmerised. I love this band.

Jackson Firebird

Guitarist/vocalist Brendan was quick to announce that they “love dirty rock’n’roll”. They made me want to get a little bit dirty too. Drummer Dale was amazing. He put his whole body into the event and looked absolutely shattered at the end of their set. Total commitment to the cause.

Jackson Firebird were a completely welcome surprise.

Gay Paris

Gay Paris make me feel a little bit funny. You know… “down there”. And in the best possible way. Their set was a 30 minute strip-tease complete with beards. Really, it’s my dream come true. Vocalist Luke is like a possessed preacher, with messages of love and thrusting. I’m still trying to figure out how he removed his skin tight jeans without taking off his shoes. The man has skills. I get the feeling that drummer Adam holds this motley crue together. Although, they do often say that it’s the quiet ones you need to watch the most. Slim Pickins, on bass, managed to maintain one of the creepiest grins I have ever seen for the entire 30 minutes. When he cheered after every song I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or be concerned for my safety. And then there is Black Tooth, on guitar. He is one dapper, bearded motherfucker. He makes my heart beat a little bit faster. #callmemaybe?

Gay Paris are playing at Rics on November 24 as part of their “Death to Spring Tour”. If you don’t go, you’re an idiot.

Brothers Grim and The Blue Murders

Just before Brothers Grim and The Blue Murders took to the stage I noticed something strange happening. The women in the venue all started moving forward, and occupied the front row. When James Grim started crooning it had this hypnotic effect on the women standing next to me. There was squealing, there was boot stomping, and there was slut-dropping. It was quite amazing to see.

What can I say? I’ve seen them before, I’d see them again – they’re fantastic.


Mid-way through Sixfthick’s performance I leaned into Jo and said “this is a total clusterfuck”. A couple of days on, with opportunity to digest what I saw, I really think that it the most accurate description. I say clusterfuck with no negative connotations. It just really was one of the most bizarre things I have seen.

Drummer Fred had a tattoo of what looked like the Big Pineapple, guitarist Dan looked like he was half asleep, vocalist Geoffro was wearing the loudest fish shirt. And then there was Ben, also on vocals. He back flipped and rolled during the set, and paced back and forth like a mad man. But things took a turn for the weird when he jumped off the stage, and started smashing bottles – on the ground, and then on himself. I missed the moment of impact but put two and two together when I saw blood literally pissing out of his peck and all over his torso.

I’m still so confused about it all, but did I like them? Yes. And would I see them again? Yes.

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