Monday, 1 October 2012

New Music Monday #25

by Kitten
Album: Cut It Out EP (2012)

So you haven’t heard of Kitten? You’re going to want to do some research, quickly, because if this five piece keep recording songs like this one and making clips like this, they’re destined for great things. Heavy bass and filthy guitars drive the song with Chloe Chadez’s vocal floating beautifully above and you’ll probably keep on singing the end well after the song is finished; “I’ll see you all, I’ll see you all again...” see, I told you. The clip was filmed in a desert with friends of the band and the imagery reminds me of so many great films and bands; its apocalyptic, punk like and yet somehow totally beautiful. Take my advice; this is a band you need to know about. Watch. Love. Now. 

Jo Michelmore gives G# four Shirley Mansons out of five...


Got Me Wrong
by Alpines
Album: Early Hours EP (2012)

Alpines, Bob Matthews and Catherine Pockson, have come into our lives through the recommendation of one of our IMKOS Facebook friends (hey Jacob!) and with one song they've made me incredibly interested in hearing everything else they have to offer. That song is 'Got Me Wrong' and it handily sets up this London based duo to be the sleekest emerging electronic act around. Carefully balancing the fine line that separates style and substance, there's a healthy measure of both unleashed throughout the track. The gorgeous Catherine Pockson delivers her lines with a flair that drags you right into that 'eating out of the palm of her hand' territory. By the time you've heard the chorus, you're wishing that there's a club that's going to be playing 'Got Me Wrong' because its potential to be a true dance anthem is undeniable. "Cause you got me wrong, and you were so sure, that you had me all figured out, but you got me wrong." I feel like I've just listened to Azealia Banks' electronic equivalent. And I love it. 

Matt Bond gives 'Got Me Wrong' four Lady Gaga's out of five...


Die Young
by Ke$ha
Album: Warrior (November 30, 2012)

If someone was to die young, how unfortunate if 3 minutes and 33 seconds of their short and precious life was wasted on hearing this song.

Jo Michelmore gives Die Young one Dannii Minogue out of five...


Your Body
by Christina Aguilera
Album: Lotus (November 13, 2012)

Christina Minaj? Not quite, but freeze the video at 1:58. Boom. That's a booty. Go on down to Primark or Target ladies and get yourselves some leopard print tights. They do wonders for the junk in your trunk. I'll stop now. Yes, the original dirrty girl has dropped the video for new single 'Your Body' and despite some sort of attempt at a plot, multiple costume changes, horrifying dreadlocks, a potentially ridiculous new jewellery trend ('Rich Bitch' necklace anyone?) and the completely necessary and 100% seductive 'writhing around on a bed while wearing lingerie' scene... it's nothing memorable. Oh, except for the booty. You'll remember that. Yowza. 

Matt Bond gives the Your Body video two Ke$ha's out of five...

She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)
by David Guetta ft. Sia
Album: Nothing But The Beat 2.0 (2012)

Speaking of booty, Guetta's offering up some werewolf derriere. Seriously though, the video for 'She Wolf' is so much better than the actual song. Beautiful imagery, timed explosions, an actual story. It would only have been better if Sia was the werewolf at the end. Can't have it all, can we? 

Matt Bond gives the She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) video three Britney's out of five...    

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