Saturday, 10 November 2012

Texas Tea Sing The Merry Blues (Exclusive Stream)

Do we have a weekend treat for you! We'll be streaming Texas Tea's 'The Merry Blues' for your listening pleasure AND we've even got the Tea's leading lady, Kate Jacobson in to tell us a little bit about the track. 'The Merry Blues' is the opening number for the Brisbane based band on their new album, Sad Summer Hits, which is out now! Once you've had a listen to 'The Merry Blues' (and you should have already heard some of their other fantastic tracks here over the last couple of months) you should take the glamorous journey over to Texas Tea's site... and get their album. Your weekend will be unforgettable.

Kate Jacobson talks songwriting, Cole Porter and 'The Merry Blues' below.

The Merry Blues
by Texas Tea
Album: Sad Summer Hits (2012) 

Kate: The Merry Blues was really just a fun exercise in songwriting for me. I had been listening to a lot of Cole Porter at the time and I wanted to write something tongue-in-cheek, just like 'De-Lovely' or 'Let's Fall in Love'. I'm not sure if I succeeded really since the song could definitely come across more serious than it's intended to be. It's really just supposed to be a silly song, with the idea that the subject actually prefers being sad to happy. I think Cole Porter is one of the most clever lyricists of our time. 'I Get a Kick Out of You' is really an unrequited love song, but you'd never know it unless you were paying particular attention. 'I'm Always True to You, Darling (in my fashion)' is flirtatious and fun, and toys with the idea of monogamy. It's a great example of contradictions in emotions/actions of the subject. I really like this idea and wanted to try it for myself, and ended up with The Merry Blues.

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