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The K-Tizzle Sizzle - What Does The Melbourne Cup and Music Have In Common?

Olga dreamed of one day entering Herschel in the greatest race in the world. Silly Olga.

What Does The Melbourne Cup and Music Have In Common?
A: Not much...
by Katie Langley

Apparently it’s un-Australian to say that you’re not really into “the race that stops the nation”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about obnoxious head-wear and finger foods, but who really cares about the horse race itself?
If I do place a bet it is always highly strategic, based on humorous names and/or outfits. Those lightning bolt patterns always sucker me in. I’m also known to be swayed by the jockey’s facial hair.

The worst part is those douchebags, who, at no other point in the year seem to know anything about horse racing, but after reading a few Courier Mail articles are telling you about the types of grass for prime racing conditions, and sauces that best compliment horse meat. What?

Thankfully, it’s all over and done with fairly quickly. After a few sneaky party pies we can retire our feathered head-wear for another year.

“How does this in any way relate to music?” I hear you ask. Well, it doesn’t. But, it did get me thinking about music I never want to end, about albums that I can play from start to finish, and sometimes play again for a second listening. Those albums with brilliant songs from start to finish. And I’m not sure what this says about me, but for me they’re albums to drive to and bang to.

So, take note, get investigating, and get booty shaking!

1. Dog Fashion Disco – Adultery

There’s something about Todd Smith’s voice – it’s so sweet and evil all at the same time.
Unfortunately Dog Fashion Disco are no more, however, some of the members have a new project called Polkadot Cadaver which has a lot of the hallmarks of Dog Fashion Disco’s sound. While we’re talking Polkadot Cadaver, go and listen to “Chloroform Girl". It’s hilarious and highly disturbing and haunting and lovely.

Favourite song on the album: “Adultery”

2. MIA – Arular

This album was released in 2005 but is still an absolute favourite of mine. MIA’s sound has changed a lot over the years, but for me this is MIA at her best.

When I first played this album my sister said “what is this jungle shit?”. Rest assured, I took great pleasure in reminding her of this when I caught her bopping along to MIA a few years later.

Favourite song on the album: “Bucky Done Gun”

3. Combichrist – Making Monsters

I was a little late to the Combichrist train, but better late than never, right? I saw them perform earlier in the year and I could honestly say it was one of my all-time favourite gigs.

My only word of advice – if you’re going to pick up your Dad in the car, turn off the song “Fuckmachine” before he gets in or your life will become all kinds of uncomfortable.

Favourite song on the album: “They”

4. The Herbaliser – Take London

It’s hip, it’s cool, it’s funky, and it makes me want to dance.

Favourite song on the album: “Gadget Funk”

5. Marilyn Manson – Antichrist Superstar

Say what you will, but Mazza will always be a favourite of mine. Hell, I even love fat Manson in leathers. Yes, my love runs deep.

My first high school boyfriend was a Marilyn Manson fan, and what can I say, but that I’ll always fondly remember slow dancing to “The Beautiful People” at a school dance. So romantic!

Favourite song on the album: “Man That You Fear”

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