Monday, 17 December 2012

It's My Kind of Interview - The Griswolds' Dan

The Griswolds!

An Interview With...
Interviewed by Jo Michelmore

Your awesome EP Heart Of A Lion was released recently; tell us about your creative process and is the process for you hard work or hard fun? 

Dan: It's hard fun. Whitehall and I do all our song writing in our home studio. The writing is the funner part of the process, lot's of experimenting, long days, drinking, lyric writing, spit-balling vocal ideas. A lot of our work is inspired by exploring sounds and synths and how synths can build layers and sound scape's.  

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the BDO and with Django Django in January, what should I expect? Tell us about your ultimate live show. Where are you playing, who are you playing with and what are you wearing? 

Dan: Rhetorically our ultimate live show would be on a catamaran or a yacht in the Mediterranean sea maybe......... and we are wearing some very dapper summer gear like Ralph Lauren shirts and tailored short shorts or something with the after party on a tiny little island with free drinks and accommodation for all.

The Griswolds approve. They very approve.

Which artists have you been compared to and which ones do you agree and/or disagree with? 

Dan: Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Group Love, Darwin Deez, Reptar, Cold War Kids. I don't agree with the Cold War Kids one, I've never heard Darwin Deez, and I only know the singles by Group Love, but I think they're all a compliment. If someone said Hey Geronimo or something like that then I'd probably cringe.

I’m the musician and you’re the blogger. What do you ask me? 

1. Did you start a band to get babes or because you love music?

2. Did it work? Are you scoring babes now?

3. Bummer, so now that you're not pulling any babes are you starting to curb your energy into getting better at making music?

4. Oh so what's your DJ name going to be?

You’re on a roadtrip in a five seater sedan. Who sits in which seats in the car and why? 

Dan: Riley's driving because it's his Job, me in passenger because I always seem to be very awake and I make a good wingman, Tim would be riding bitch because he's the smallest and Robbie and Whitehall at either window I guess?

It’s 2016. Where are the Griswolds? 

Hopefully still playing music together and not in rehab.

You can catch The Griswolds at the Big Day Out in Sydney and on tour with Django Django in January! 


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