Sunday, 16 December 2012

It's My Kind of Interview - Hey Geronimo

Hey Geronimo!


Greg Chiapello...
Bass/Vocals - Hey Geronimo

Q. Hey Geronimo have a reputation for knowing how to party and it looks like you've got a crazy 60s themed Christmas party planned for The Zoo on the 21st. What can punters expect on the night?

Greg: Well it was going to be a surprise but Ross’s Dad invented a time machine so everyone inside the zoo can time travel back to the 60’s. I’m pretty excited to tell you the truth. I never thought time travel would come to fruition in my lifetime, so yeah the punters can expect that, that’s ok I guess.

Q. You've had a big year with a well received set at BigSound Live and a national tour in support of the Special Best EP. Since it's the end of year, what's been your favourite band moment of 2012? 

Greg: There is a song in the set where Pete isn't playing  guitar, so one night in Sydney we organized for him to jump on my back mid song, we call it a rock n roll piggy back. I had forgotten we were going to do it mid set so when he jumped on me, I lunged forward and he flipped over me off stage onto his face. It looked painful, but it was also really funny. I’m glad he was ok though…

Q. Which one of you owns the puppets in the video for new single, 'Dreamboat Jack'? Don't pretend they're not yours.

Greg: They are Pete’s. I have never owned puppets, they freak me out.

Q. What music have you been loving in 2012?

Greg: I have been listening to Liam Finn’s album FOMO which is really good. Also have been really loving Hot Chip and their album In Our Heads.  I got into Jonathan Richman’s album I, Jonathon.  Sam Cooke has been doing the rounds, as has Paul Simon. Also enjoyed watching old Billy Joel videos on youtube. Have been getting reacquainted with Wilco the last couple of weeks.

Billy Joel: Hey Geronimo approves. They very approve.

Q. Your summer festival season is pretty packed, with performances at Big Day Out, Homebake and Peats Ridge all coming up. These are three big festivals to be on the line up for... but what would be the one festival in the world you'd love to play and why?

Greg: I would love to play at Glastonbury . There is something about British music and festivals which does it for me. I have also watched some amazing footage of bands like Elbow, and Blur absolutely kill it there. There is also an amazing Travis DVD live from Glastonbury which I have watched about 30 times. The atmos there would be something I’d love to soak up and experience.

Q.Looking ahead to 2013, what have you guys got planned? Any new music fans can expect from Hey Geronimo during the year? 

Greg: Yep we have been writing lots. We began work on the new record in November so we will work hard at that over the next couple of months and look to have something out mid year.

Q. Finish this sentence... all Hey Geronimo wants for Christmas is...

Greg: For our fans to make our future shows as memorable and as fun as they have made them in 2012. And also to write and record  a hit song in 2013!

Hey Geronimo's swinging 60s Christmas party is Saturday 22 December at The Zoo in Brisbane. You're invited!



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