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Top 112 Songs of 2012 - #50 - 41

The xx!

#50. Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It
by Stars

The world wont listen to this song, And the radio wont play it,
But if you like it sing along, Sing 'cause you don't know how to say it.  

While I still haven’t decided whether the title is good advice or bad advice, I kind of love the swing of this song. I love that it sounds like Friday afternoon and Saturday night and I love the hyponotic repeated “what do I do” and I love how it goes for four and a half minutes and I can drift in and out of its sounds and still love it. I also love that when shortened, the song title becomes HOWYGLALGWYGI. Lol. (Jo Michelmore) 

You read a song title like 'Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It' and your immediate reaction is something like, "don't tell me what to do with my life, Canadian indie band!" Then you listen to it and you love it and you still don't like being told what to do with your life by a Canadian indie band, but you'll let it slide... this time. (Matt Bond) 

#49. Ride
by Lana Del Rey

Don't leave me now, Don't say goodbye,
Don't turn around, Leave me high and dry... 

So, I decided to watch the film clip to this song. Part way through I actually started wondering if there was a song or if was just some kind of spoken word wankery. A friend once said she had vomits that sounded better than Lana Del Rey. Listening to this song I’m wondering what kind of operatic spews said friend actually has, because, despite what you think of her, girlfriend can sing. (Katie Langley)

Seriously... spoken word wankery is such an appropriate description, K-Tizzle. Unfortunately for me, I seem to have a soft spot for this kind of nonsense. "I was in the winter of my life" kicks off what seems like an hour of chit-chat before we get to the actual winner that is 'Ride.' I can't diss any of the monologue though, since I've sat through it about fifty time. It's just that the video is shot so beautifully. Cinematography win for Ms. Del Rey, with the opening shot of her riding the giant tyre swing knocking my socks off whenever I see it. What of the song? Like I said, 'Ride' is a winner, a song for the open road (duh) that immediately puts my mind at ease. Say what you will about Lana Del Rey, there's no denying she's got a gorgeous voice and a knack for writing catchy, airy hipster-approved tunes. (Matt Bond)

#48. Chained
by The xx

We used to be closer than this...

When I first reviewed this song back in August, I said it was like listening in on a private conversation between The xx's Romy Madley-Croft and Oliver Sim. No matter how many times I hear it and even though I now know their conversation back to front, I still feel like I’m eavesdropping and I love it more and more every time I do it. “We used to get closer than this, is it something that you miss?” sing it again Romy, it’s just delightful. (Jo Michelmore) 

"We used to get closer than this... is it something you miss." Like so many of The xx's songs, you don't want to breathe or blink or move when listening to 'Chained,' because if you do it'll be finished and you'll have missed out on experiencing something that feels so special. So you play it again and repeat the process. Don't breathe. Don't blink. Don't move. You don't want to miss a second of something so good. (Matt Bond) 

There is a real gentleness to this song that just washes over you, but it’s over way to quickly for my liking. (Katie Langley)  

#47. Wildest Moments
by Jessie Ware

From the outside,
Everyone must be wondering why we try,
Why do we try? 

It’s not only this song that I really adore, but the clip is probably one of my favourites of the year. The simplicity is breathtaking, the emotion so perfect, when she stares into the camera and sings “baby in our wildest moments, we could be the greatest, we could be the worst of all”; the spine tingling tears begin. When she slowly spins another 180 degrees and then looks down the lens again, straight into my heart to say “from the outside everyone must be wondering why we try”, I just want to reach into the screen, hug her and ask how she got into my head. It’s truly stunning, understated and beautiful. All of this I love. (Jo Michelmore)

Stunning, classy, powerful... this is how you make your debut. Jessie Ware seemingly came out of nowhere and made 2012 her year, snagging a Mercury Music Prize nomination for the emotional roller coaster that is Devotion. 'Wildest Moments' was the album's greatest achievement, garnering attention from all corners of the globe and cementing Ware's status as one of the hottest new acts in music. The expectations for what we hear next have been set incredibly high. (Matt Bond)

#46. I Fink U Freeky
by Die Antwoord

Increase the peace, don't wreck the party...

Two white South Africans lay down one of the best rap songs of the year. I suppose stranger things have happened, but my mind is currently drawing a blank. The video is what nightmares are made of, which is actually a ringing endorsement. A black and white freak show born out of the insanity that is 'I Fink U Freeky.' Ninja and Yo-Landi are crazy, they're scary, but they're so effortlessly cool that you can't help loving them. (Matt Bond)

I have a slight obsession with Die Antwoord at the moment. There’s just so much to love about them - Yo-Landi’s squeaky little voice, Ninja’s rapping, the quirky film clips. They’re so different to anything that’s out there at the moment. I fink they’re freaky, but I like this song a lot. When are they coming back to Australia? (Katie Langley)

Every now and then, someone introduces me to something that I don’t really expect to like, but somehow I do. Every now and then, something that is kind of like something I liked years ago comes along and I smile. Every now and then, something that isn’t like much in my current music collection becomes something that I really like. Every now and then, a clip which seems so average in the middle of the day isn’t so average at 2am, in a dark room, while intoxicated. Every now and then, someone sends me a text message that reads “I fink u freeky and I like u a lot”. Every now and then, I really like that. Every now and then I say too much about myself on this blog. (Jo Michelmore)

#45. Everyone's Waiting
by Missy Higgins (AUS)

I know all the lines to say,
The part I'm expected to play... 

My favourite moment of 'Everyone's Waiting' comes right at the end. As Missy sings "everyone's waiting" for the final time, the most beautiful circling piano melody kicks in, lasting all of ten seconds. Those ten seconds have me hitting repeat, so I can listen again to how far Higgins has evolved as a songwriter, a singer and the first lady of Australia's music landscape. Ten second piano melody, repeat. She's a national treasure. (Matt Bond) 

Everyone’s waiting was probably an exaggeration, as I suspect a lot of people were waiting, but not everyone. Regardless, Missy still did justice to a lovely little song without straying too far from the Higgins formula. It’s heartfelt and introspective, it's a lovely clip and of course, it’s piano which means it’s Missy Higgins being her fabulous self. (Jo Michelmore) 


#44. Sixteen Saltines
by Jack White

Who's jealous of who?

This song. My soundtrack. Ankle deep in cold, cold mud, wearing numerous layers of clothes and being surrounded by music festival smells, having my personal space invaded from every angle, the guitar riffs begin, loud and obnoxious; then the voice, “she's got stickers on her locker” and I could not think of anywhere else in the world I’d rather be. For just a few minutes I am truly, absolutely happy and this is the song that plays there, at that very moment in the soundtrack to my life, for that one night in August this year. Oh Jack. Oh sigh.

This is Jack doing what Jack does best – dirty rock’n’roll. And you know what? I’d like to get a bit dirty with Jack, and maybe even roll around a bit. (Katie Langley)   

This week Jack White nabbed three Grammy nominations, including a nod for Album of the Year. See kids, rock isn't dead. Jack White is flying the rock flag so high right now, with scream and shout anthems like 'Sixteen Saltines' ensuring his name is on the lips of rock and roll fans all over the world. Here's hoping he kicks Mumford and Son's butts at the Grammys! (Matt Bond)  

#43. Trout Heart Replica
by Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra

And killing things is not so hard,
It's hurting that's the hardest part... 

Relating the end of relationship to the inevitable fate of farmed trout, Wizard of Oz references, rising strings, fluid piano melodies capturing the motion of fish in the water, punch you in the throat lyrics, an emotional plea of just one more day, a heart broken in song form. You'll be lucky to escape without a broken heart of your own. (Matt Bond)  

If the Internet is to be believed then this song is about Amanda’s experience with watching a butcher take to a fish. Wow. (Katie Langley) 

There’s a little feeling in the centre of my heart every now and then which reminds me of the fact that I am actually truly alive. Sometimes the reminders can be tiny little moments and sometimes they are giant life changing events. Sometimes they can be found in your favourite songs. Of course one of mine is found in an Amanda Palmer song. “Killing things is not so hard, it's hurting that's the hardest part and when the wizard gets to me, I'm asking for a smaller heart”. When I first heard that collection of words, I literally gasped. When I think of those life defining moments and I think of the actuality of being alive, right at this minute, sometimes I think that someday, I might ask for a smaller heart too. (Jo Michelmore)  

#42. Man on Fire
by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

I wanna see our bodies burning like the old big sun...

When a voice like Alex Ebert’s tells you that his only desire is to “have the whole damn world come dance with me” how can you possibly say no? Go on, dance. Wherever you are. Don’t be ashamed. This is part of the soundtrack to your life. Enjoy. (Jo Michelmore)  

Now, I enjoyed 'Man on Fire' before I watched the video, but with that said, it's the video that makes this song such a joy to listen to and watch. All these talented kids, their coaches and familes (my favourites are Mario Gomez + Junior Destiny Allstars and Joanne Hilly, mother) make this one of the happiest music clips ever and then BAM there's New York City Ballet just being amazing and dancing with those wacky inflatable man arms and you can't take the smile off your face. Happy happy, joy joy. (Matt Bond) 

Sometimes even I shock myself. I like this song. There’s an old school feel to it. And a real genuineness. It also makes me think of fancy drinks in tall glasses. (Katie Langley)  


#41. Battle In Me
by Garbage

Let's take a torch,
To the past and the future...

I listen to Battle In Me in my lounge room. I listen to Battle In Me in my car. I listen to Battle In Me at the gym. I listen to Battle In Me in the morning. I listen to Battle In Me in the middle of the night. I listen to Battle In Me in bed. “Let’s take a torch to the past and the future, and let’s make out, I won’t tell your girlfriend”; it’s Garbage, talking nonsense and making so much sense. I listen to Battle In Me everywhere and it always makes sense. Like all of Garbage’s best, I take them with me, through my life, everywhere I go. (Jo Michelmore)

This song is filled with Shirely’s usual sass. Bring on Soundwave 2013! (Katie Langley) 

I believe I've already summed up my feelings for 'Battle In Me.' Here's a refresher from April... "This track is the return to form for Garbage I've been waiting for since 'Androgyny' hit the airwaves in 2001. Alternative rock at its best, the sexiest vocals in the world, music that makes you want to dance, start a riot and scream out loud. The start/stop guitar in the chorus breathes new life into one of Garbage's most effective moments in the song 'Supervixen,' almost sounding like machine guns in Shirley Manson's war." Nine months later and I haven't lost any of that love for 'Battle In Me,' one of the greatest rock songs of 2012 and one of Garbage's best. Ever. (Matt Bond)

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