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Top 112 Songs of 2012 - #60 - 51

British India!

#60. Boy
by Emma Louise (AUS) 

But all you do is lay around,
spending time,
smoking cigarettes. 

With Boy, Emma Louise proves herself to be one of the finest young songwriters in this little country I live in. It’s pure pop beauty that’s easy to get lost in, but then about half way through there’s a little twist that keeps you interested and shows Emma Louise’s maturity as a songstress, even though she’s only just past her teens. Can’t wait to see what else she’s capable of in the future! (Jo Michelmore)  

She's obviously dated a massive loser in the past. Which I'm ok with. If she's going to write music like 'Boy' she can date as many losers as she wants. Perhaps I'm being too harsh. Looking at the song from another perspective, this could be Louise singing about a friend or lover that is unable to realise the potential she sees in them. That's much more depressing, so let's go with that. (Matt Bond) 

#59. Mercy Killer
by Bertie Blackman (AUS)

Wait hear while I polish my disguise.

I love the fact that this song is written about something Bertie did once; deleting a text from someone else’s phone. I love the fact that such a simple little act is so evil and I love the fact that Bertie Blackman managed to write an entire catchy pop song about it. I love the creepy retro inspired clip and I think I kinda love Bertie Blackman because of all of these things. (Jo Michelmore) 

The keys are sneaky, and make me want to tip-toe around and do sneaky things. (Katie Langley) 

#58. Now
by Matt and Kim

Knives tend to get dull and round,
So let's cut this whole building down... 

These two, Matt and Kim. They can keep doing what they're doing. It seems like nothing will stop them from creating a bigger sound with every new release. 'Now' is super fun pop music for indie geeks. Embrace your nerdiness. (Matt Bond)  

At about 1 minute into this song I started to twirl my hair. And again at 2:20. And 3:39. My neck is a little sore, but it was worth it. Super Mario, anyone? (Katie Langley) 

I’ve always wanted to review a band where I could say “blah and blah” from “such and such”, so I’m going to do it now. Matt and Kim from Matt and Kim show us exactly how to live on this, the second single from their fourth album, Lightning, which was released in October. It’s the perfect song to put on when you’re getting ready to hit the streets on a Friday night and it’s the perfect song to listen to really, really loudly in the car. I love it. I kind of want to be Matt and Kim. I’m thinking Matt and I should start a rival band and call ourselves Matt and Jo. Then other people would refer to us as Matt and Jo from Matt and Jo. It would be amazing. Like this song is. (Jo Michelmore) 

#57. Love To The Test
by Niki and The Dove

The first time I saw you, I saw you,
I thought baby can I hold you, hold you? 

Niki and The Dove are the latest electronic Swedish act to deliver swoon-worthy beats unto us. From the moment I heard 'The Fox' and 'DJ, Ease My Mind' at the start of the year, I was swept away by Malin Dahlstrom's ethereal voice. When I heard 'Love To The Test' when their debut, Instinct was released in May, I fell head over heels in love. This is an act we'll be holding in as high a regard as The Knife and Robyn one day. (Matt Bond) 

Pass me some glitter, I need to shimmy. (Katie Langley)

#56. Stay
by Shaun Brennan ft. Linda Fitzgerald

So stay with me now,
Don't go away. 

The best songwriters tell stories that relate to everyone. Even though the writer doesn't know us, their work speaks to our hearts and our minds, usually giving us a quick jab in the former while kicking the latter into contemplation overdrive. Shaun Brennan is a very good songwriter. Just listen to 'Stay' and you'll get it. As an added bonus, he's also got an emotive sound, conveying so many different feelings through his voice that flesh out how deep the lyrics are. Shaun... release an album in 2013. (Matt Bond)  

It was at the very start of the year I first heard this song and I remember then being astounded by its simplicity, it was just so breathtakingly beautiful. How can just guitar and two voices be so moving, so powerful? It’s a question that can’t be answered, but when the voices are right, the song writing exceptional and the lyrics so thoughtful, everything comes together and special songs like this are born. I just wish I could know a little more about the mysterious Shaun Brennan, because this kind of talent is amazing and I’d love to hear more and more. (Jo Michelmore)

The song itself is simple, but this only adds to the emotion of the vocals. I get the feeling that if I was super sad and played this song it would have me doing the ugly cry. You know the one? Where you sob, and snort, and sometimes a little bit of snot comes out. They don’t call it the ugly cry for nothing. (Katie Langley)

#55. Crazy Heart
by Ghost Beach

I was born frustrated,
into a world way too complicated.  

This is one of those songs I listen to and go, "why is this not at the top of the charts?" It's got that 'woah-oh-woah-oh' chorus all the young kids seem to really get into these days, the lyrics are easy enough to learn, it's all carefree summer-lovin/good times woot-woot yeeeee-haw whatever. It's no different from Ke$ha's 'Die Young.' So why is this not at the top of the charts? (Matt Bond)

Was there something extra awesome about being a duo this year? Maybe. New York’s Ghost Beach proved the awesomeness of being a duo with Crazy Heart, a dark-ish electro rock that is awfully catchy. Probably one of my favourite driving songs of the year, but it must be played with the windows down, on a sunny day, on a long road, preferably a highway, with the wind blowing in your hair. Call me crazy, until you try it. (Jo Michelmore) 


#54. Girl On Fire (Inferno Version)
by Alicia Keys ft. Nicki Minaj

She got both feet on the ground,
And she's burning it down. 

Alicia, no need to stop, drop and roll. Just have Nicki smother you with her arse. (Katie Langley) 

Look, whether you agree with Alicia and Nicki teaming up is fairly irrelevant, because they did it, didn’t they? Personally, I’m totally team Nicki because she’s just completely crackers and I love that AND I’m totally team Alicia because she’s completely amazing, so the two together is like a mismatch made in heaven. Keep calm, the Nicki parts are kept to a minimum so they don’t overshadow(?) the beautiful voice of Alicia and anyway, this is Nicki the way Nicki should be; a great rapping diva (which I know she is somewhere inside all that madness) and Alicia is exactly who she is, beautiful soulful Alicia. Love it or hate it? Me? Love. (Jo Michelmore) 

I enjoy Nicki Minaj as much as the next average Joe (note, I did not say Jo), but seriously... her second rap is one of the most painful guest raps I've ever had the displeasure of hearing. It's a game of 'how many times can I rap using the word God without anyone noticing I'm not even trying anymore.' I noticed, Minaj. I noticed and I didn't like it. I will ignore it though, because her opening verse is acceptable and Alicia Keys is super attractive. What? Yeah, Alicia Keys... still one of the finest looking women vocalists in music and a master of performing songs that embed themselves in your memory. Catchy as hell, 'Girl on Fire' is Keys' best single as a lead artist since 'No One.' I'm enjoying the attitude she's got going on too. It works for her. SHE'S A BABE. Sorry... that just happens sometimes. (Matt Bond)

#53. I Can Make You Love Me
by British India (AUS)

You know how that they say you can't help but love the dead,
That's exactly where I'm heading. 

I suppose when I first hit play on this track in August, I wasn’t expecting to be faced with the lyric “if you’re reading this then that means that I am dead”, but once I’d gotten over that I was happy to accept this as a solid little indie rock song. Its teenage angst lyrics speak to the fifteen year old still hidden somewhere in my psyche (ok, she’s not hidden that far away). This song is just another in the long list of awesome songs by Australian bands released this year. (Jo Michelmore) 

What a delightful little downer. Cheer up guys... you've got so much to live for! I'm a fan of the sad, sad song and 'I Can Make You Love Me' will cover all of your depressive needs. The desperation in the chorus truly makes this one of the best songs of the year. The video is also a strong contended for video of the year. Who knew bull/man hybrids could cause so much heartache? Is there any band out there more underrated than British India right now? (Matt Bond)   

You can make me love you, huh? Well, you can have a gold star for trying. (Katie Langley) 

#52. I'm Gone
by Graveyard Train (AUS)

Baby I want you (baby I want you)
Baby I need you (baby don't cry). 

The chorus has me stomping my foot and tapping my thigh, so this can only mean good things. It also makes me want to wear a big poufy skirt and swirl around. I’m not going to try and question it. (Katie Langley) 

One of the real winners of 2012? Fans of call and response vocals. No one does that better than Graveyard Train. Ella Hooper seems to agree. 'I'm Gone' is dark, rock infused country that sits perfectly at the top of the growing retro-revival landscape that is slowly beginning to take over the industry. (Matt Bond)  

Are you sick of me loving the shit out of retro sounding songs yet? Deal with it. I love them. That’s why I write the vintage post every week, I likes vintage sounds. Duh. This one is bluesy, rootsy, country, a little bit soul and a lot of rock. That means it was made for me to adore. The clip is a little weird, the band is made up of ‘six men playing men’s instruments just as men were born to do’, which sounds absolutely ridiculous and kind of hot and you can’t help but stomp your feet when the beats in this one kick in. This one I like, this one I love. (Jo Michelmore) 

#51. Runaway
by Mr Little Jeans

When your hand's tied, by the wayside,
Gonna waste your days away...

Mr Little Jeans is not a Mr, let’s just clear that up from the beginning. The hypnotic chorus is what sticks in one’s head long after this song is over and the clip is kind of stunning, although nothing much happens it’s a little hard to turn away from. I almost forgot about this song, as it what released at the beginning of the year, but listening to it again now I’m determined not to forget her again. More please Mr Little Jeans! (Jo Michelmore)   

“When you run away you can go anywhere”. Oh, really? Well, I’m going someplace where buff men dress in little shorts and rub oil over my naked body. (Katie Langley)  

Did you ever love that song 'Deeper Water' by Deadstar? No? That's ok, don't feel bad. No one else seems to have a love for that forgotten 90s gem. I mention it, because 'Runaway' reminds me of it in so many ways. Yeah, not so much in the music and the vocals aren't really that similar. But it's the feeling I get when I hear both of those songs; that I need to get in a car, drive until I can't drive no more... destination unknown. This is my favourite song to drive to in 2012. Hands down. (Matt Bond) 

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