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Top 112 Songs of 2012 - #80 - 71


#80. I Know You Care
by Ellie Goulding

You were like home to me,
I don't recognise the street. 

There’s something hauntingly beautiful about this song. Feels like the perfect song to play when I’m having a sad single moment. (Katie Langley)

Knowing they care, but admitting that it's all come to an end. This is deep stuff for someone so young. Ellie Goulding's second LP, Halcyon was full of dub-infused pop anthems and this one, simple piano driven ballad. It completely changed my perception of the album and stands as one of the greatest songs of the year. A fine piece of songwriting and a showcase for Goulding's sweet voice. (Matt Bond) 

Oh, Ellie Goulding, you’ve got to stop it, please. As if the intensity of the track wasn’t enough, the lyrics so tear-jerking “two lovers loved out of love….I know you care, it’s always been there” delivered so passionately, then you pair it with one of the most heart-wrenching clips of the year. This is too good, this is too much. Ellie, you should have released this one with a packet of tissues. Too good, too much. (Jo Michelmore)

#79. Next To Me
by Emeli Sande

You won't find him trying to chase the devil...

It seems a lifetime ago I first heard this song, even though it was only at the start of the year. It was so refreshing to hear a song about love that wasn’t pathetic, that wasn’t heart breaking, that wasn’t all booty shaking and grinding. Emile Sande proved that sometimes (read: often) sexy is a little more subtle, sometimes it’s a simple tune, a good drummer and a foot stomping piano tune.  (Jo Michelmore) 

Talent and beauty vs skankiness and fourteen layers of MAC cosmetics? Talent and beauty win every time and Emelie Sande has both in spades. Saying that makes me feel like I'm sixty years old. Sande makes music for grown ups. Expect to hear so much more from her in the years to come. (Matt Bond)   


#78. What Makes A Good Man?
by The Heavy

Ain't nothing wrong with this chemistry,
Ain't nothing wrong with this blasphemy. 

What makes a good man? A beard, that’s what! Holy shit this song is amazing. How have I not heard this before? The vocals have just the right amount of gruff. The back-up singers are fantastic. The Heavy, I need to hear more. And please ignore the beard comment. You do OK without. (Katie Langley) 

Kelvin Swaby was easily the coolest, slickest male rock vocalist in 2012. Listen to 'What Makes A Good Man.' The man is the coolest of the cool, capturing a sort of magic in his bluesy growl that Jack White secretly wishes he could master. Nothing against Mr. White, he's had an amazing year. But there's no cooler dudes than Swaby and The Heavy. It's been a big year for the call and response chorus and this song right here has one of the best. (Matt Bond)  

My love of retro soul inspired sounds is no secret. My love of guitar based rock is no secret. My love of gospel choirs is no secret. My love of blues is no secret. My love of awesome lyrics and catchy tunes is no secret. Therefore, my love of The Heavy should be no secret. I love them. I love this song. It’s no secret. (Jo Michelmore)

#77. You Me Backseat
by Microwave Jenny (AUS)

I've got no inhibitions,
You've got your parent's car keys. 

Microwave Jenny have my vote for one of the cutest tracks of the year. If these 112 songs were purely based on cute, Microwave Jenny would be right at the top of the list. There’s handclaps, there’s an super fun clip and there’s the lyrics “let’s make these car windows get foggy, let’s make ‘em worry ‘cause we’re out all night”. Cute, cute, cute. Love, love, love. (Jo Michelmore)    

I’ll admit – I had decided I liked this song before I had even heard it based on band name alone. I had a good feeling about it. And I was right. It’s upbeat, it’s cute, and it’s hard not to bop along too. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Bless. (Katie Langley) 

I say that music is 'fun' so much that people must read it and question my state of mind. How can one person have so much of this 'fun' that everyone's always raving about. It's easy. See, you put on a track like 'You Me Backseat' and the good times just start to roll. Shhh. Don't try to fight it. Microwave Jenny's Tessa Nuku and Brendon Boney deserve all the success that is sure to come their way. If we did some sort of 'Sounds of 2013' list, Microwave Jenny would be right at the top. (Matt Bond) 

#76. The Keepers
by Santigold

I walk by with smoke in my eyes,
Like we don't know where we've been. 

I believe in Santigold. Her own mantra is so easy to subscribe too when the music is this good. On the surface it's all fun (there's that magic word again) and games, but scratch it even just a little and it's riddled with social commentary. It's much easier to pick up on in the video for 'The Keepers.' I'm not going to lie and say I paid too much attention to the real point of the clip. That's hard to do when you're too busy trying to learn Santi's dance moves. I'm sorry... what? (Matt Bond) 

While Lana Del Rey spent the year making clips that were what people seemed to think were beautiful and/or disturbing statements about the myth of the American Dream, Santigold went about business her own way and made a statement clip for The Keepers involving blonde wigs, family meals, rapid gunfire and manic couch dancing while singing “we're the keepers, while we sleep in America, our house is burning down”. Yeah Santi, you showed that Lana how it’s done. (Jo Michelmore)   

It’s funky, it’s fresh, and it passes the nod test. You’re nodding too, right? (Katie Langley)

#75.Clair De Lune
by Flight Facilities ft. Christine Hoberg (AUS)

If I would know you, would you know me?

I like it! I really like it! It feels unconventional, and like there’s no real structure to this song – but that’s the appeal for me. There’s something really tender and unsuspecting about this song. (Katie Langley)

A little bit hypnotising, a little bit reflective and maybe a little spooky, I’ve never been able to decide if this is the first track you put on before you head out the door on a Saturday evening to warm up proceedings or if it’s the last one you put on in the early hours of Sunday morning when the sun is beginning to rise, after all the dancing is done. Either way, it’s got to be involved somewhere on a weekend and that automatically makes it good, yeah? (Jo Michelmore) 

by Muse

I have finally seen the light,
And I have finally realised,
What you mean.

Can Muse do any wrong? No, it seems not. They have a tried and true formula – their songs tend to start slow, build anticipation and then finish with epic-ness. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. There’s a lot to like in this song – the drum beat, when the guitar kicks in at 3:07, and Matt B’s voice. (Katie Langley)

For me, this was one of the most surprising tracks of the year. I’ve never been a huge fan of Muse, they’ve always done their thing without bothering me, but without impressing me either. This track changed all of that for me, giving me a complete appreciation for a band I was neither here nor there about. With this song, I was completely there. A little bit dubstep, a lot of bass and a whole lot of restrained electronic appreciation, maybe it was madness for Muse to tread this path with the first single from their sixth album, but I can’t help but respect a band that takes risks every now and then. I also absolutely love the sounds of Matt Bellamy’s vocal at the end “I need to love, I need to love….our love is madness”. (Jo Michelmore) 

Matt Bellamy and friends' slow decent into dubstep madness can't even stop Muse from crafting a perfect tune. Strip away the galaxy far, far away feel from the music of their early years and we're left with 'Madness.' Escalating and building upon itself, you never want it to stop. When it hits the track's peak with the repeated line, "I need to love," you fall in love with Muse all over again. It's a track Freddie Mercury would be proud of and Bellamy is such a pro-singer, you can't deny how sexy his vocal performance is here. Which is impressive because Matt Bellamy is not a sexy man. Don't try to use the fact that he's married to Kate Hudson as an argument in favour of his attractiveness. She'll marry anyone who fronts a band. She's a band-aid. (Matt Bond)   

#73. Skyfall
by Adele

This is the end,
Hold your breath and count to ten... 

I think I may have explained before that I’ve never seen a Bond film, but I know a lot of the songs. Of course Adele was the perfect choice for the current Bond theme, there’s probably no one else in music at the moment worthy of the title. While last year was all about Adele, this was a nice little reminder of her amazingness this year. It’s all strings and drama and powerful vocals and perfectly Bond. I hear the film is quite good too. Maybe this one should be my first Bond? (We all know I’m referring to Bond of the James variety here, right, not Matt Bond, yeah? Although I’m sure Adele could write a lovely song for Matt if given the chance. Adele? Over to you.) (Jo Michelmore) 

The best 007 theme since 'The World Is Not Enough.' Now, Adele... about our song. Well, my song I guess. None of that 'Someone Like You' me-so-sad, make you cry business. Let's get this party skanking. Listen to some Ke$ha, write down some lines and give me a call. We can make sweet, musical magic together. (Matt Bond)  

#72. Laura
by Bat For Lashes

You're the train that crashed my heart,
You're the glitter in the dark. 

Oh my, this is one of the songs this year that had the ability to completely sweep me away from wherever I was and take me to another world, a beautiful world where Natasha Khan’s is the only voice and piano is the only instrument that matters. This was a song that spoke straight to my heart and made me wonder how she could possibly have got inside my head, because everyone has either been a Laura or known a Laura somewhere, somehow, haven’t they? “You’re the train that crashed my heart, you’re the glitter in the dark, Laura you’re more than a superstar”. Just beautiful. (Jo Michelmore)   

Another piano driven ballad that pulls at those tiny strings controlling your emotions, walking you to the sidewalk before throwing you in front of a bus. Natasha Khan/Bat For Lashes is an expert in leaving those who listen to her a bit of a wreck. 'Laura' is the definition of 'lovely.' The video, the songstress, the words. Lovely. (Matt Bond)  

I watched the film clip and momentarily thought that Lily Allen had joined a band. But as soon as the singing began, I knew that I was wrong – it is amazing. Lily couldn’t reach those ranges! (Katie Langley)

#71. Disparate Youth
by Santigold

Oh, we said our dreams will carry us,
And if they don't fly we will run. 

It’s funky, it’s fresh, and it passes the nod test. You’re nodding too, right? Yes, I said that before. But it’s applicable to this song too. (Katie Langley)

As soon as this song starts, I can’t help but begin to smile, for this is one of the defining tracks of 2012 for me. It reminds me of long weekends, great nights out, amazing gigs and fantastic road trips. This is one of those tracks that has become part of the soundtrack of my life, a song that will remind me of this year, the people I know and the fun I’ve had throughout 2012. “We know that we want more, a life worth fighting for”, yes Santi, it’s true, but while we’re fighting for more you’re providing an awesome soundtrack along the way. (Jo Michelmore) 

Heck yes, we do want more and we do want a life worth fighting for! I believe in Santigold!!! (Matt Bond)  

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