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10 and 1 - M.I.A

Sister2Sister, not Shit2Shit.

Missing In Australia

The onslaught of new music never stops. Seriously, the music industry is a terrifying Hydra that you just can't keep up with. One band or singer falls by the wayside and another three will attempt to take its place. This makes it easy for some acts to find themselves forgotten. What? There's only so much room in your brain, right? Just think of all the Australian artists that have pumped out a hit (or miss) or two and then you never hear another utterance of their name until you switch over to one of those 'AM' stations and find yourself rediscovering the 'classic' hits of Bachelor Girl, Spy vs Spy and Aneiki (think harder, you might remember them!). As part of our Australian Music Month, I'll be taking you on a special 10 and 1 journey tonight. I didn't say it's going to be a journey you're dying to take, but you've obviously got nothing better to do because you're reading this now. Here's ten Australian acts that can be classified Missing In Action and as a counter, we end with one act that we'd just love to add to this list sometime soon. Enjoy.

THE 10:


I'm thinking to myself, "everyone will definitely know who this is," but what about the young'uns? Would they know the placid downer that is 'Lovesong'? Have they ever been totally addicted to bass? They've been totally addicted to Skrillex and for that I am truly sorry, but that doesn't mean they'd know a thing about Amiel Daemion. M.I.A since 2006, when the snappy little dance number 'Be Your Girl' was released, it would appear she's set to remain inactive for the foreseeable future. A new, self-recorded album was promised in 2009. It's now 2013. Yeah. 

The Androids

I didn't realise they had released a debut album, let alone a follow-up in 2008. Good for them. You may remember The Androids and their five seconds of fame with the track 'Do It With Madonna.' You probably just remember the video. Watching it now, you kinda wish Madonna was a large and in charge drag queen.. because she seems way funner. Oh, we're meant to be talking about The Androids. Right. No. 



Get seeeeeeeeet, everybody! Come on... that song was pretty good. Maybe? These guys had it going on for a year (year and a half tops) with catchy pub rock tunes and then they released the terrible and appropriately named 'Creepin' Up Slowly' (because they got really creepy) and the very poorly named album, Garage Mahal. Urgh. Missing In Action since their third album (the not at all stupidly named Axiomoatic, 2005). 


Yep, this is happening. Sister2Sister. Missing In Action since 2000 and we're all better for it. Their brand of family love (inoffensive, not like The Mamas and The Papas) was enough to make even twelve-year-old me want to knock myself out every time 'Sister' came on the radio. How they managed to crack the UK top 20 remains one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in the history of pop music. Where are Christine and Sharon Muscat these days? Apparently "keeping busy these days with the launching of their Sister2Sister School of Singing in Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia, which opened in 2004." They're also keeping their Wikipedia page up to date. Kudos.

Haha. Oh, Selwyn. I just can't.

Leah Haywood

We're really diving into the abyss of forgotten Australian music now, boys and girls. In Leah Haywood's case, it's a genuine shame. So says the same twelve-year-old me who was "keeping busy" by dissing S2S. You see, Leah Haywood was one of the "number 1 babes" in my silly young eyes. Keeping her company in the babes club? Sarah Michelle Gellar (duh) and Dash from Blue Heelers (aka Tasma Walton... sigh). The future looked so bright for that little fella. Anyway... Haywood was like this cooler Vanessa Amorossi who just never took off. Missing In Action since 2001, she's since found success in the US, writing for the likes of Nicki Minaj, Demi Lovato and a whole bunch of useless American tarts.

Pat Wilson

Um... I don't know what just happened either. Let's move on. BOP GIRL! 


The early 2000s must have been such a crappy time to attempt to break it big in Australia. How many of these acts gave it a go around then? Everyone but Pat Wilson, but we're not talking about her anymore. Lash were a lot of fun and definitely deserved a couple more chances to catch on with the Australian public. An all-girl pop rock band from Perth who wrote singalong bonafide chart smashes? That's pretty much it. Except for the bonafide chart smashes bit. 


I loved the song 'Sublime.' Wow, I've been waiting to say that for years. It's good to get it out in the open. Now as I sit here slightly embarrassed, let's take a moment to discuss Shakaya. One of Australia's only urban alternatives on the charts, Simone Stacey and Naomi Wenitong found a decent amount of success during their short run, hanging around the top 20 with songs like 'Stop Calling Me' and 'Cinderella,' while touring with the likes of Destiny's Child and Usher (Usher). Missing In Action since 2005, but I'd almost welcome their return. Almost.     

The Avalanches

That's right. I said The Avalanches. What are you going to do about it? Nothing... just like they've done. Nothing. They just release this awesome album in 2000, get everyone excited, disappear, tease us every now and then with the possibility of a new album and then disappear again. Only to release that garbage demo from last year, 'A Cowboy Overflow of The Heart' which had some dude reading a poem over boring music. I'm going to pretend that didn't happen. Missing In Action since 2000. 


Reece Mastin

Who else but our Worst Australian Artist of 2012. Run away. Run away, Reece and never return. Scar's the coolest. We'd take any of the ten acts above over this real cool rock star dude any day of the week. Even S2S. Maybe not Selwyn.  

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