Wednesday, 9 January 2013

10 and 1 - Women Who Rock (Australian Edition)

Chrissy Amphlett

Women Who Rock (Australian Edition)

A lady who knows how to rock is a pretty swell kinda lady in my book. I know 'swell' isn't the most rock-savvy term to use, but gosh-darn it, I'm saying it's swell. Australia saw a steady increase in the numbers of female rockers flying our flag in the 90s, with many emerging amongst the post-grunge music landscape in the middle of the decade. There might not have been dozens (or even a dozen) gaining notoriety, but it was still a huge increase from the miniscule sisterhood rockin' the stage in the 70s and 80s. In today's 10 and 1, I salute ten Aussie women who can rock a stage with the best of them. Secretly, I'm doing this because if just one young girl reads this and finds herself inspired to pick up a guitar instead of enrolling in Havana Brown and Ricki-Lee's 'Dance School 4 Ho's,' the world will be a better place. And isn't that why we bloggers blog in the first place? To make the world a better place? Haha... no. No it's not. Ten of the greatest Australian female rockers of all-time and one lady from down under who's only association with 'rock' is via The Grateful Dead t-shirt she wears, thinking it's that super popular television show everyone's talking about. Enjoy!


Juanita Stein
of Howling Bells

Katy Steele
of Little Birdy

Suze DeMarchi
of Baby Animals


Mia Dyson

Sarah McLeod
of The Superjesus and Screaming Bikini

Chrissy Amphlett
of The Divinyls


Ella Hooper
of Killing Heidi


Deborah Conway
of Do-Re-Mi

Patience Hodgson
of The Grates

Dallas Frasca


Havana Brown

It was either her or Ricki-Lee, so I guess I sorta-spoiled it during the intro. Anyway, nothing says 'I ROCK' more than buying heaps of shoes and luring the man of your dreams (who works in a shoe store?) to a roof top party through some sort of weird shoe map so you can dance for his pleasure. Nothing at all.       

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