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It's My Kind of Interview - Half Moon Run

Canada's new Indie stars...
Artists to watch out for in 2013.
Interviewed by Jo Michelmore

Q. Tell us about yourselves!  Who are you, what do you do and why do you do it?

Half Moon Run: Our core is Devon Portielje (lead vox, guitars, floor tom) from Ottawa, Dylan Phillips (drums, keyboard, backup vox) from Comox, and Conner Molander from Comox (guitars, keyboard, backup vox).  We all come from very different backgrounds, both musical and personal, and it makes for a good combination to write and perform our music.  Our sound is very much inspired by folk, but it sounds more like a blend of indie, pop, and electronic… It's also very different from song to song.

Q. Your awesome album ‘Dark Eyes’ is full of beautiful and complex harmonies and arrangements. Describe the song writing process to us; is it a beautiful, easy one or do you find it difficult?

Half Moon Run: All the above.  Sometimes a song comes as a gift, and none of us really know where it came from.  Often it's very difficult, and takes a lot of bashing heads.  One thing maintain though is that we write together as much as possible.  Most songs are conceived from start to finish as a trio in the jam space.

Q. It's hard to define your sound, are there any of your songs that you think represent you best as a band?

Half Moon Run: Every new song we write represents us best as a band.  Every old song, as fresh as we can make it, will represent us from another time.

Q. All of you are multi-instrumentalists, are there any instruments that you’d love to play but haven’t had the opportunity to yet and are there any instruments you’d like to introduce to Half Moon Run in the future?

Half Moon Run: We've already brought in a fourth member who sings, plays keys, and plays a kick drum and snare with sticks and mallets, and we're slowly adding more / cymbals / HH / electronic perc / more vocal fx.  A new song we're working on involves a ukelele… we also bought a mandolin not too long ago.  Conner has lap steel on his mind… maybe a wurlitzer some day.  Of course there are tonnes of instruments we'd like to introduce.  I've been writing parts for strings live, that we will start incorporating into our live show when we can.  I've got flugelhorns and trombones on my mind for a new song idea.

Q. What question have you always wanted to answer but no one’s ever asked before?

Half Moon Run: I mostly try to think about music.  I have no idea?  That's a good one...

Q. I’m the musician, you’re the blogger; what do you ask me?

Half Moon Run: Wanna jam?

Q. The future of Half Moon Run involves….?

Half Moon Run: Lots of touring, lots of songwriting, more touring, recording, more songwriting, with an emphasis on SONGWRITING.  We need to keep writing to stay sane.  We have so many ideas we just haven't had time to bring to a completed state.  We will tour the world before we can get another album out, but at the rate we're going, hopefully that won't be too long.

Half Moon Run's debut album Dark Eyes is OUT NOW and the band is on an Australian tour... RIGHT NOW!

12/1/2013 @ Karova Lounge - Ballarat, VIC
17/1/2013 @ The Byron Bay Brewery - Buddah Bar, Byron Bay, NSW
18/1/2013 @ Alhambra Lounge - Brisbane, QLD
19/1/2013 @ The Loft - Gold Coast, QLD
20/1/2013 @ Cafe Le Monde - Noosa, QLD
24/1/2013 @ Moonshine Band Room - The Steyne, Manly, NSW
25/1/2013 @ The Standard - Sydney, NSW

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