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It's My Kind of Interview - Kim Churchill


Australian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
Artist to watch in 2013.


Q. The last time we saw you was in October at The Hi-Fi in Brisbane supporting The Beards. While it must have been a lot of fun touring with those crazy kids, how excited are you to be heading out on your own Australian tour this month? What's your favourite Aussie venue to play? 

Kim: Well I guess different shows have different points of interest. Playing opening slots are normally quick and you give it all you've got in a very concentrated way. Its simple and to the point and yeah, touring with the Beards was literally life changing! Headline shows are good too though, as they allow you to really push off in lots of different directions and make use of the time. Its exciting to be coming back and giving the full show. 

Q. You keep yourself very busy; after touring with The Beards you did 26 gigs in Canada and now you're playing here until March. What are your plans for the rest of 2013? Maybe a new album? Maybe a vacation? Maybe watch The Hobbit? 

Kim: Ha ha, wow thats timing. Went to see The Hobbit last night!! But in general I'll just keep working. I'm young and driven and need as much content as possible to keep my mind occupied. So i think I'll just continue to ramble on... 

Q. What are the best and worst things to happen to you on tour? 

Kim: Well the lifestyle of being on tour is the best thing definitely. Its this non stop constantly changing world that keeps you on your toes. I love the fluidity of living out of the back of the van. Although at the same time, I'd love to have a little place somewhere near the surf., a pet dog and a favourite Pho place somewhere. So I guess the worst thing is also the best thing and I can look forward to having a more stable life one day. 

Q. I remember being blown away by how large a sound you can create as a one-man band when we saw you at The Hi-Fi. The entire crowd seemed to be in the same mind-set given their explosive response. What made you decide to go the strict solo route? Have you ever thought about bringing in a full band and/or mixing up your own instrumentation? 

Kim: Yeah all the time. I'll be bringing a violin player and possible a trumpet player to help out at certain points on this tour. Its something I think about a lot. Especially having harmonies... Its something I've always dreamed of. But I figure there is plenty of time and no reason to hurry. The solo thing works well for me and its a nice way to expend a lot of energy.

Q. You're bringing the talented Steve Smyth along with you on this tour. Other than him, if you could pick anyone to tour alongside, who would it be and why? 

Kim: Hmm, a songwriter who has toured with me in the North America a bit called Babette Hayward. She is amazing and a pleasure to have on the road.

Q. Pick one act that you draw inspiration from. If you could be part of any music time or movement, what would it be? 

Kim: Hmm just one... Thats tough. At this point I'd probably go with Nick Drake. Different songwriters come and go as inspirations and some I am constantly coming back to. Nick Drake is one of those guys. That folk movement in England seems like it would have been very interesting to be around. Seeing bands like Fairport Convention play back then would have been amazing.   

Q. Finish this sentence; 2013 is going to be a great year because...

Kim: I get to spend the first three months home in Australia surfing and enjoying the summer... 


Kim Churchill is on tour in Australia... right now! Catch him live on these dates:

9/1/2013 @ Brass Monkey - Cronulla, NSW
11/1/2013 @ Heritage Hotel - Bulli, NSW
22/1/2013 @ The Loft, Chevron Island - Gold Coast, QLD
23/1/2013 @ Black Bear Lodge - Gold Coast, QLD
24/1/2013 @ The Solbar - Maroochydore, QLD
25/1/2013 @ The Northern - Byron Bay, NSW
14/3/2013 @ Beav's Bar - Geelong, VIC      

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