Monday, 21 January 2013

New Music Monday #36

by Destiny's Child
Album: Love Songs (2013)

Well this is... nice. And I suppose it's nice of me to say that this is nice. It's all just very nice and unexpected and slow-jam-y and they're singing lyrics about quantum physics and it's all just so nice. Which is really just me saying 'Nuclear' isn't good or bad. It's just nice. Unfortunately, when you're one of the most celebrated groups in the history of music, nice just doesn't cut it. Instead of the explosive comeback single to accompany a cash-grab compilation album that sends fans into a frenzy, demanding a full-blown reunion, we get this. Perhaps this is Beyonce's end game... the final nail in the Destiny's Child coffin. There's nothing wrong with that either. Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle have each found success individually (yes, even the underrated Michelle Williams... we break the dawn indeed, Michelle), moving further away from the Destiny's Child sound we all knew and loved. If nice is all they can offer as a unit, they're better off apart.

Matt Bond gives Nuclear two Lil' Kim's out of five...

by Monarchy ft. Dita Von Teese 
Album: TBA (2013) 

Monarchy are prepping their sophomore album and this is a very interesting way to re-introduce us to their sound. The Australian, London-based duo have teamed up with the first lady of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese for 'Disintegration'; the year's sexiest electronic track so far. "You and me, hold our breath and count to three," Von Teese purrs as the song begins alongside Andrew Armstrong's almost sinister beats. With one line I was sold. Ra Black's "save my love for you/saving my love for you" chorus is ready made for dance floors the world over. Hopefully this is the start of a huge year for Monarchy. 'Disintegration' shows they're off to an excellent start. 

Matt Bond gives Disintegration four Lady Gaga's out of five...  


by Santigold
Album: GIRLS - Volume 1: Music From The HBO Original Series (2013)

Any day you hear new Santigold is guaranteed to be a good day. Moving away from the sound of 2012's Master of My Make-Believe, 'Girls' sees Santi testing the rap waters for a TV show I've only seen one episode of... but I'd like to see more? Maybe. Everyone seems to love Girls. Admittedly this track doesn't come close to matching the brilliance of 'Disparate Youth' or 'Big Mouth,' but like I said, any day you hear new Santigold is a good day. 'Girls' isn't going to set the world on fire, but it will bring her some more deserved attention and the video is a winner. 

Matt Bond gives Girls three Eminem's out of five...

Suit and Tie
by Justin Timberlake
Album: The 20/20 Experience (2013)


If you're an artist like Justin Timberlake, you're going to want to publicise the fact you have a new single out, especially when it's seven years since your last release. However, if you're going to play the hype game, you're going to have to make sure the song is worth the hype. With the release of Suit and Tie, Justin gives us a retro inspired jam which starts slowly, heats up to mid-tempo, invites Jay-Z in about half way through and leaves you feeling satisfied but not amazed five and half minutes later. It's no 'Sexy Back', it's no 'My Love', it's not even a 'Cry Me A River' but it's solid and let's face it, it's Justin Timberlake. Is it worth the hype? As a song, I don't really think so, but I'll probably know all the words in a week's time, it's going to sell a lot anyway and it's going to be played over and over so you better get used to it, you're going to hear a lot of it.


Jo Michelmore gives Suit and Tie three Britney Spears' out of five...


by Birds of Tokyo  
Album: March Fires (1 March, 2013)

I love when an Australian act releases a video that's had a bit of thought put into the cinematography of it all and 'Lanterns' is certainly a beautiful looking video. Birds of Tokyo are getting themselves on a bit of a roll with their videos. 'This Fire' was great and the clip for the empowering anthem that is 'Lanterns' might just be better. Did the opening shot remind anyone else of The Dark Knight? No. Just me. Great. 

Matt Bond gives the Lanterns video four Michael Hutchence's out of five...

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