Monday, 28 January 2013

New Music Monday #37

Make Believe
by Sleepy Tea
EP: The Place Where We Lay (2013)

We saw Sleepy Tea supporting Emma Louise on Friday night at the Powerhouse and while I'm not completely sold (yet?) on their brand of indie dream pop - think Angus and Julia Stone vs Crystal Fighters - there's no denying the breezy charms of 'Make Believe.' I'm assuming the recorded version, much like the live performance, features the vocal talents of former Charlie Mayfair/current Emma Louise keys and backing singer Hannah Shepherd. It's always a pleasure to hear her haunting voice, even if it's a fairly brief cameo alongside Sleepy Tea's Tom. Not Turbo Tom... that's the guitarist. I think. I wouldn't be surprised if Triple J gets firmly behind 'Make Believe.' It's a song that's certain to resonate with a lot of people. Likeable lyrics, an engaging vocal performance and "sweet-ass electronics moments" (their words) make this one a winner. Potentially one of Australia's next big things on the music scene. 

Matt Bond gives 'Make Believe' three  Kylie's out of five...

Sun Blows Up Today
by Flaming Lips 

Wayne's decision to hang out with Ke$ha a fair bit lately seems to have rubbed off on his musack, for 'Sun Blows Up Today' would have to be the most poptacular Flaming Lips song to date. You know what though? That's not an insult in any way. 'Sun Blows Up Today' is all guitars and singalong lyrics, it's ridiculously catchy and it's a welcome return from the Flaming Lips. It's for a Super Bowl car advertisement or something, so it isn't an official track for their upcoming album, The Terror. If this is the direction they're taking though, I'm sold. Don't you want to get up and dance and shout and dance and be merry with The Flaming Lips? 

Matt Bond gives 'Sun Blows Up Today' four Kurt Cobain's out of five...

by Lady Antebellum
Album: TBA (2013)

Aren't these the same guys and gal that did the modern, kinda cool country ballad 'Need You Now?' Where did that Lady Antebellum go? I'm going to be honest, it's been forever and a day since we've reviewed anything country (Taylor Swift is a relationship drama-based genre of her own now) and I saw Lady Antebellum had a new song out and I thought it could be kind of cool and progressive and all country music is the music of pain good, but I was wrong. So that's why we're talking about 'Downtown.' Just so you know.

Matt Bond gives 'Downtown' two Taylor Swift's out of five...    


Full of Fire
by The Knife
Album: Shaking The Habitual (5 April, 2013)

Oh... ok. Well, I LOVE the song. Yep.

Matt Bond gives the 'Full of Fire' video two Ke$ha's out of five...

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