Monday, 21 January 2013

Text Review - Big Day Out 2013

Reviewed through the wonders of text messaging...

Jo's first text review of the year takes on Australia's biggest touring festival; the Big Day Out! Jo battled the heat and many a bogan at the Gold Coast on a day that saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Yeah Yeah Yeah and The Killers take the stage. Fights between friends, blues guitarists with unusual names and some of the biggest rock stars in the world; read all about the highs and lows of this year's Big Day Out... in text form. 

Jan 20, 2013: 12:12pm

Jo: Midday. Sunny. 30 degrees. I've just realised I have two different shoes on. Today is going to be interesting then. Are you ready for the barrage of text messages you're going to receive today? Let the BDO 2013 text review begin!

Jan 20, 2013: 3:48pm

Jo: So, Against Me: teenage punk being played by those well past teenage years. I don't get it. Grinspoon: you are not a fine wine. You do not get better with age. But then, some people like beer, so you keep getting BDO spots. Oh well. Gary Clark Jnr:  damn, you play guitar really, really, really, really, really well. Blues rules. 

Jan 20, 2013: 4:28pm

Jo: Meanwhile, things I hate about BDO: those who peak too early. Things I love about BDO: those who peak too early.

Matt: I imagine there are some captivating bogans roaming around screaming, "we want chili willy"

Jo: There are any captivating bogans, but I'm yet to hear the phrase "chili willy". I have seen one though, urinating on a fence, although I imagine it wasn't very chilly. This did not impress me.

Matt: That's hot.

Jo: It is hot. Literally. You creep.

Jo: Band of Horses: rock music in the sun at 4 in the afternoon shouldn't work, but it does. Bob Log III: the guy plays blues guitar really well, while wearing a space helmet. I don't know why. This confused me. He played a song with the lyrics "riverside motherfuckers" (?) for all the dickheads. This amused me. 

Matt: Bob. Log. III. Huh? What? Right. On.

Jo: You don't know Bob Log? Me neither. Meanwhile, I missed the memo about attire. There is a large amount of ass underhang in attendance. Damn, my shorts cover my ass. I'm so uncool.

Matt: You're on the gold coast. Just borrow someone's concealed knife and cut 'em up nice and short and BAM... Part of the in crowd. 

Jan 20, 2013: 6:57pm

Jo: Alabama Shakes: and there they are, those familiar fabulous goosebumps. Awesome. Just awesome. Lovelovelove. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: and here's where the magic of the music festival happens, when you least expect it. The 2 girls beside me, beverages in hand, screaming at each other; "you don't understand" "jess, you're my fucking best friend but you treat me like i'm the anti-christ" (crying begins) "but I love you" "I've been telling you all afternoon, I know you love him, I know it, I see it". The YYY were quite good too.

Matt: You treat me like I'm the anti-Christ... I'm going to use that one. What did the new YYY's songs sound like?

Jo: If I could have heard over the fighting, I'd let you know. Karen looked amazing, I can tell you that.

Karen O: She does look pretty amazing.

Jan 20, 2013: 8:16pm

Jo: B.O.B: Equalizes the carb/fat intake as I dance while eating a cup of chips. Gooooood. Crystal Castles: I'm possibly the only person in this tent not on tha pingers. This equals hilarious. Hi-lar-ious. 360: so you found the Skrillex button. Whatever. I do not understand how a bogan bdo attendee got a gig so high on the lineup. The Killers: sometimes I can't remember whether I like you or not, then I hear a couple of songs and go, "oh yeah, y'alright, ay".

Matt: There was way too much bogan speak in that text. You're been infected. Ps B.O.B? Really? Why?

Jan 20, 2013: 8:50pm

Jo: B.O.B? I don't have to justify myself to you.


Matt: ...yeah I'm going to use that all the time.

Jo: Fuck, you're good. Bam! LOL. Literally. 

Jan 20, 2013: 9:53pm

Jo: RHCP: a band of this history deserves better sound than this. Beside that, when they hit the mark, they hit it good. The singalongs are phenomenal. They still got it, for now, its just a shame their fans are so bland. That Flea is still one crazy mf though. Sleigh Bells: yes, it's true, this is the band where one loses ones shit. So, so, so good. Shit. Lost. 

Jo: ...and so, that's the BDO. It's a strange music festival, often annoying, always hot, generally painful. The important part is often forgotten. Why do I keep coming? For the important part; the music.

Matt: Is it over? It's not even 10pm!     

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