Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The K-Tizzle Sizzle - Australian Music Moment Fails

by Katie Langley

Happy New Year, sizzlers! Yes, it's been a while between sizzles. And let me tell you, a lot has happened in that time. Here's a quick re-cap:

• I was drugged on New Year's Eve. Against my will I should add. Never as fun.
• I was cut out of a wetsuit as a result of a zip malfunction.
• I got drunk on early morning cocktails, forgetting that my pale skin doesn't cope well with the sunshine. Consequently my armpits were sunburnt. Yes, it's possible.
• "Thrift Shop" ranked #1 on Triple J's Hottest 100. Uh huh.

Matt and Jo have been doing an excellent job of spreading the lurve for all things Oz for 'Strayan Music Month. But let's be honest, while there's a lot of fantastic Australian music to celebrate, there is also a lot to mock.

This is the one I call Australian music moment fails. Let the sizzling begin.

Madison Avenue


You remember them, right? They shot to dizzying heights in 1999 with their hit "Don't Call Me Baby". I hope you sensed my sarcasm.

In the midst of their 15 minutes of fame, Madison Avenue were asked to perform at the ARIA's. The performance can only be described as the sound of drowning cats. Lead singer Cheyne desperately reached for a glass of water. But unfortunately Jesus had not blessed that water and the sounds of feline death continued.


P.S. It wasn't all fail. Melbourne heavy metal band Frankenbok released a hilarious rendition of "Don't Call Me Baby."


The Testeagles

This band will always make me giggle. Testicle! Testicle!

At a Big Day Out many many years ago I braved the sweltering heat for a front row position for festival staples Frenzal Rhomb. I'd never had so much fun (get it?) until The Testeagles instead walked out onto the stage yelling "Turn That Shit Up" (Frenzal Rhomb had to pull out after my man Jason experienced some health issues). Cue abuse and bottle hurling onto the stage. Turn that shit off more like.



Another festival staple, Spiderbait were doing their Sydney show on the Big Day Out circuit when drummer Kram decided to get up close and personal with the crowd. When he tried to return to the stage, a bouncer pulls him from the stage and gives him a whack, clearly not recognising the sweaty idiot. Yes it was violent, but oh did I laugh.

The laughs begin at 1:55


Jessica Mauboy

Poor ole Jess ran into a spot of bother during the 2010 ARIA 's when she mispronounced "debut" as "de-butt" not once, but twice. De-butt!



Haters 'gon hate, right?

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