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It's My Kind Of Interview - SLAM Day with Cherrywood

Cherrywood. Live music keeps them out of trouble. Sort of.

Saturday 23rd February

So you like music? You like live music? This Saturday is made for you. SLAM Day. Seriously. Mark it in your diary. Ok, maybe that's a bit old school. Put it in your phone. There's a whole bunch of live music goodness happening this Saturday 23rd February all over Australia, capital cities and rural outposts, everyone's involved! Before you get too excited though, a little education....

SLAM Day started in Melbourne in 2010 with SLAM Rally, a rally that was held in protest against Victorian Liquor Licensing policies that unfairly linked live music to high risk activity. We all know live music is a high risk activity, right, high risk of having a reeeeeally good time. Silly authorities. Anyway, after that rally, a whole bunch of important peeps got together and created a 'Live Music Agreement' where it was officially announced that live music does not cause violence. Duh. 

It all sounds a bit boring, but what SLAM Day ensures is that live music of all types and sizes is respected and important as well as protected in communities across Australia. 

What this means to you, dear reader, is that many bands are playing many gigs in many venues across the country on Saturday! This equals awesome! One of the bands playing Saturday? The delightful Cherrywood, who were nice enough to answer a few little fun questions from us before they play their little hearts out this Saturday! 

A Chat with Cherrywood
Interview by Jo Michelmore

1. Tell us about yourself. Who are you, what do you do and who do you hang out with?

Chris from Cherrywood. I play a snare drum and sing some. I hang out with Tim, Josh and Rob. Possibly too much.

2. SLAM day is all about live music. If you could play a gig, anywhere in the world, to anyone, where would it be and who would be watching?

If it was on SLAM day, it’d have to be in Australia, at any small venue in any town. I guess that’s what’s so important about this day. Getting local people out to see local bands and support them and the venues that help them out.

3. What’s been your favourite (and worst!) gig experience so far with your band?

Probably the answer to both questions is the same – Tamworth Country Music Festival. We had an amazing time there and had a heap of laughs. But also, there were a few locals that didn’t take too kindly to us to say the least! Plus, the heat and incessant cicadas start to send you insane.


4. Tell us about your favourite live music moments and what does live music mean to you?

Without live music, we wouldn’t have met any of our friends or had most of our best experiences. We’ve all worked for live venues before in some capacity and have all got so many fond memories from both on and in front of the stage. We’re lucky that in Melbourne we can go and see live music 7 days a week. It forms the backdrop to whatever else is happening in your life. I don’t think I would’ve had much fun if there wasn’t so much of it around.

5. Do you remember the first gig you ever went to and if so; who, where, when, why?

I don’t remember the name of the band, but I still remember being a kid and going with my parents to see a friend of theirs play in some dingy, smoky pub somewhere in Collingwood. It was loud and I thought it was amazing. Guess that hooked me in.

6. I’m the artist, you’re the blogger; what do you ask me?

I’m broke, can I get on the door at the next show?

7. How will you spend SLAM day?

We’re in Brisbane that weekend and got a big day planned. We’re playing in Goodna at the Royal Mail for the Dirt Farm Festival with a bunch of Alt Country bands including Rattlehand and Sue Ray. Then we’re heading back to Brisbane to play our home away from home, The Joynt. Gonna be a good one!

You can check out more of Cherrywood on their website here or their facebook page here

and you can check out which bands you're going to see for SLAM Day here.

Go on! Do it! Live music rules! Do it! Now!  

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