Friday, 22 February 2013

It's My Kind Of Interview - SLAM Day with My Fiction

SLAM Day with My Fiction
Interview by Jo Michelmore

You still haven't figured out what you're doing Saturday? Well, with SLAM Day fast approaching and after this weeks interview with Cherrywood, we thought you'd have your mind made up. No? Well, here's some more inspiration for you; another awesome band playing as part of SLAM Day, My Fiction are four piece indie band from Brisbane, who play super catchy tunes with super awesome lyrics and some addictive guitar and synths thrown in. They're playing The Zoo on Saturday night and are a band you'll probably want to see. In fact, trust us, you do want to see them. Luckily for you and for us, they were kind enough to answer some of our questions about live music and life in My Fiction.

1. Tell us about yourself. Who are you, what do you do and who do you hang out with?

I am a meat popsicle, trained in making obscene amounts of noise, with a fire in my belly & a mustache filtered voice in my head saying he wants to break free! I write music, play music, teach music & hang out with anyone my smile works on while I'm out.


2. SLAM day is all about live music. If you could play a gig, anywhere in the world, to anyone, where would it be and who would be watching?

 For some reason, maybe because of all the rain we've been having in Brisbane, I kinda want it to be at a Vegas pool party. Them parties is of da hook, & I would just love to play to anyone &/or everyone!

3. What’s been your favourite (and worst!) gig experience so far with your band?

Favourite has to be kicking out the jams in LA! Not only did we play a great show, but the amount of interesting cats that live in that city are phenomenal. Worst gig are blocked out from my memory, but there was one time ex brisbane party rockers Comic Sans stole our carton/cpt morgan/jager rider while we were playing a festival in Bundaberg... we didn't have to drive for at least 2 days after the show, so we were pretty bummed until we shared a few brews with Numbers Radio & Horrorshow.

 4. Tell us about your favourite live music moments and what does live music mean to you?

Live music is everything to me & My Fiction! It's such a huge form of inspiration, & I don't remember a single show, played or seen, that I didn't take something positive from. It's also a great ice breaker when you're in other states or cities - walk into a room with fuzzy hair, skinny jeans & a pocket full of dreams, if no one wants to talk to you just play them a god darned rock show!


5. Do you remember the first gig you ever went to and if so; who, where, when, why?

Smashing Pumpkins original line up when they said goodbye in 2001 at the Johannesburg Stadium... I only just started playing guitar then, & I remember them being absolute perfection!


6. I’m the artist, you’re the blogger; what do you ask me?

Does pop music make kids clever?


7. How will you spend SLAM day?

I usually wake up on gig day & treat myself to a hearty bacon & bits breakfast, then a good play with my sexy guitar, wash my hair to get it poofed & begin to slip into my skinny jeans. This Saturday we'll be live on 4zzz before sound check & the rest of the time we'll be trolling the streets of Fortitude Valley handing out love & free music! Don't miss out!

You can check out all about My Fiction here or on their facebook page here

...or, if you want to know where My Fiction and a whole bunch of other amazing bands are playing on Saturday you can find out all about SLAM Day here.

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