Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Listen Or Die? #3 - Tragic Songs Of Life...

by The Louvin Brothers (1956)
Running Time: 35:58

1. Kentucky
2. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
3. Let Her Go God Bless Her
4. What Is Home Without Love
5. A Tiny Broken Heart
6. In The Pines
7. Alabama
8. Katie Dear
9. My Brother's Will
10. Knoxville Girl
11. Take The News To Mother
12. Mary Of The Wild Moor

Sweet... merciful... Zeus. Just look at those song titles. 'I'll Be All Smiles Tonight.' 'Take The News To Mother.' 'Alabama.' I can already tell we're in for a treat and you can already tell that this is going to be one sarcastic ride you won't soon forget. Yee-haw! 'Mary Of The Wild Moor' sounds like a book I'd rather stab myself in the eye with than read. Let's see if the song by Charlie and Ira Louvin is any different. Wait. Ira? Oy vey... Do I have to listen to this one? Did I mention this is a country album. Double the oy vey! 

Tragic Songs of Life opens with 'Kentucky.' What do we know of Kentucky? Well, at the time of this recording, Kentucky was home to many a redneck that knew the Colonel's secret herbs and spices. Which is pretty much what I know of Kentucky today. What do we know of the song 'Kentucky?' It blows, man. It blows. You know what? Let me save you a whole lot of time. You may DIE without ever hearing this album. It's 2013. The world has changed. Ain't nobody got time for this. 

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