Monday, 4 February 2013

New Music Monday #38

 Rock = The Delta Riggs.

Rah Rah Radio
by The Delta Riggs
Album: Rah Rah Radio (April 2013)

It’s the very first sound of that dirty guitar on Rah Rah Radio and I’m reminded of how much I love rock music. Dirty, filthy rock music is so much fun and the first single from The Delta Riggs debut album is exactly that. Sometimes music doesn’t need to be life changing, it doesn’t need to be all love stories and heartbreak and flowers and unicorns and it shouldn’t be pretty. Sometimes music needs to be uncontrollable foot tapping, head nodding, jumping up and down. It needs to be screaming along, more than singing along and it needs to be simple solid drums, guitars and lyrics. This is simple rock music at its best, and sometimes simple rock music is the best. Please Delta Riggs, don’t go back to where you’ve come from, you guys rock and I love it.     


Jo Michelmore gives Rah Rah Radio four Kurt Cobains out of five

EP: Lily Lotus Orchard Sunflower (March/April 2013)

I’m going to offer you some advice. Press play and close your eyes. Let Snarly float over you, let it rest gently on you, let it take a hold of you, then, like a wave of delicious sounds, let it make you move. The first single from MKO’s EP Lily Lotus Orchid Sunflower is such a pleasant experience from start to end I’ve literally pressed play over and over, four minutes is not enough. From the initial synths and subtle vocal, it builds, gradually layering lovely upon lovely sounds with such fabulous, subtle intensity; this is a song I never want to end. It’s a little bit pop, a little bit soul, a little bit hip hop, a little bit amazing. I’m going to offer you some advice, there’s a little secret in Brisbane, they’re called MKO and you’re going to want to know about them, now. If this is how delightful the first taste of their EP is, I can’t imagine how I’m going to cope with more. 

Jo Michelmore gives Snarly four Lady Gaga's out of five


Beta Love 
by Ra Ra Riot
Album: Beta Love (2013)


Some facts about this clip: a fan of New York band Ra Ra Riot made this clip by splicing together footage from an 80’s TV dance show. This means that this footage is not set up, it’s real. Actual people wore these amazing clothes and performed these awkward dance moves in front of cameras which broadcast their uncomfortable faces on television screens in people’s homes. This makes me happy.

Some questions about this clip: who are Ra Ra Riot? I don’t know much either, but after watching and hearing this, I think I love them. Also, what’s a dance party show? Why are there not dance party shows now? I’d watch a dance party show! I’d appear on a dance party show. I love think I love dance party shows! Someone, somewhere, make a dance party show, immediately!

Jo Michelmore gives Beta Love five Jacksons out of five

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