Monday, 18 February 2013

New Music Monday #40

A Tooth For An Eye
by The Knife
Album: Shaking The Habitual (April 2013)


The Knife may be experts at being that little bit mysterious, that little bit aloof, that little bit confusing to the mainstream media, but all of that would mean nothing if they weren't so incredibly talented. A Tooth For An Eye is apparently the lead single from their new album 'Shaking The Habitual' which is to be released in April this year. If this is just the beginning of that LP I am so very excited as to what the rest of it will sound like. Steel drums and synths and the beautiful signature vocal of Karin Dreijer Andersson, I LOVE this track. The first beats give me that excited little feeling in my stomach, like a child waiting for Christmas; that feeling of "I-just-can't-wait-to-hear-this-album-I've-missed-the-Knife-so-much-I-love-The-Knife-oh-my-hurry-up-April!!!!!" Don't tell me you've not got one of those bands. No? You need to find, try The Knife. They're amazing.

Jo Michelmore gives A Tooth For An Eye four Lady Gaga's out of five...

Yesterday (What's Love)
by Kitten

Kitten were one of those bands I stumbled across on the magical internets last year and their single G# became one of my personal faves of the entire year, as well as making it onto our own 'Top 112 Songs Of 2012' list. Admittedly, this track probably wasn't what I was expecting to hear from them first up this year, but then, not really knowing that much about them I don't know what I was expecting so this is probably perfect. A subtle intro is deceiving as the track slowly builds to a layered beautiful indie pop song, with Chloe Chaidez's sweet vocal keeping the beats together; it's reminiscent of something a little early 80's Kate Bush combined with something a little late 90's electronic and the result is four minutes of delicious sounds. Tracks like this make Kitten a band I genuinely want to hear more from.

Jo Michelmore gives Yesterday four Lady Gaga's out of five...


The Bed Song
by Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra
Album: Theatre Is Evil (2012)

Here we have an early contender for Video of the Year and if you were around these parts in 2012, you'd definitely know the track the clip is for. 'The Bed Song' was Amanda Palmer's finest moment on Theatre Is Evil. You might remember that album too... we named it Album of the Year in the Scene Awards. As if there was any doubt, Palmer has turned in a stunning video for 'The Bed Song.' More often than not, literal videos fall a little short of the mark, but not in this case. What we get is a seven minute clip that does justice to how the story would have played out in the minds of listeners all over the world; a couple's journey from love to loneliness as shown through exhibits A to E, Amanda Palmer's performance at the piano breaking your heart. The wedding dress she's sitting in is just icing on the cake. Not a wedding cake, because you'll probably never want to get married after watching the clip. An outstretched arm and a broken smile with falling snow lead into the final devastating moments as we return to the couple's happier beginnings. That's good storytelling. And it's an excellent music video. Palmer, director Michael McQuilken, the Bard College Performing Arts team and the cast deserve a round of applause. Do yourselves a favour and watch this video. Now.

Matt Bond gives The Bed Song video five Eddie Vedder's out of five...   


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