Sunday, 24 February 2013

Soundwave - The Text Review

Soundwave 2013 
Reviewed through the wonders of text messaging 
24/02/2013, RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane

As another music festival tours Australia, we here at It's My Kind Of Scene take it on via the world's favourite form of communication and the only way we know how, text message style in our second text review of the year! This time, it's Australia's biggest rock festival, Soundwave. We discuss all sorts of topics in the only way music festivals should be reviewed; with limited characters and word count. You get to read all about the Soundwave patrons, how amazing Garbage were, the size of Metallica's egos and you get to see where texting technonology fails and makes up it's own characters when huge groups of people congregate in one place at the one time. 

It's Matt's white text bubbles on the left and Jo's multi-coloured text bubbles on the right. Welcome to Soundwave 2013, the text review!

 Mike Patton has been in lots of bands. Tomahawk is one. 
Just shut up about Faith No More.


Want more Soundwave? You can check out the patrons and more at the itsmykindofscene instagram pics via our facebook page here

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