Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The K-Tizzle Sizzle - The Hater Becomes The Hate-e

Yep. This is happening...

The Hater Becomes The Hate-E
by Katie Langley

One of my favourite things to do is people watch. I’m that person on the train quietly observing my fellow passengers (oh train hunk, I wish you weren’t married), the person at the concert keeping an eye on the crowd as well as the band. Although, please rest assured that my people watching has not extended to hiding in shrubbery and peeking through curtains… Yet.

The KTizzle Sizzle has allowed me to share all of my observations, my ramblings, my musings, my mockery, my judgement. And oh how I’ve judged. I think that it’s only fair I get as good as I give, which is why I’m willing to share something personal with you. Yes, I’m single and looking for dates for Valentine’s Day (call me), but that’s not it. I’m prepared to share my shame with you… The albums I own, but really shouldn’t admit to. Drum roll, please.

by Kittie

Justification: Kittie are an all-girl heavy metal band that appealed to my teenage angst, girl power attitude (girls can do anything!), and love of black. Hey, it was 1999 and I thought I was hard.

The Very Best Of
by David Hasselhoff

Justification: You can’t hassle The Hoff! And c’mon, he’s so dorky that he’s kind of cool, right? Sort of? What about the chest hair? And those little red swimmers? Babe watch more like.

Say It To My Face
by Area-7

Justification: I purchased this album during my pop punk/ska phase. I also owned Converse shoes with checkered shoelaces, and wore coloured plastic bead bracelets.

by Chingy

Justification: It’s catchy and it makes me laugh. I don’t think I can explain this one away.

In my defence I’d like to add that, if anything, the above highlights my love of all things music, no matter the genre. And although some might say it’s time that I bid farewell to these albums, I can’t quite bring myself to part with them. After all, my children may enjoy the soothing sounds of Kittie in many years to come. Ha.
So, give me your worst sizzlers. I’m ready. I can take it.

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