Thursday, 7 March 2013

It's All Coming Back To Me Now - A Love Letter To...1990.

This guy and his pants. Popular in 1990. It was a strange year.

Stop. Hammer Birthday Time
by Jo Michelmore

There’s someone I know, who I really like, who happens to be having a really special day today and how lucky is she, because her special day just happens to fall on Thursday. That is, vintage Thursday! Yeah! I know, right? Jealous? Yeah you are. Tonight, I celebrate my friend’s birthday with a whole bunch of vintage goodness from the year she was born. 1990. What an impressive year. Pre Nirvana, pre Gaga, pre American/Australian/Ukranian Idol, pre iphone, pre facebook, pre dub step, pre ipod, pre youtube. Pre internet!!!! Imagine, you had to actually purchase CD’s from shops back then and no one yet knew how to copy a CD. If you liked something, it was because you liked it on the radio, or at a club, on the TV, or someone told someone about a great band somewhere. Damn, how did music ever exist before, like, 2000? I was there and even I can’t remember.

Bust A Move 
by Young MC 


A confession. You know how everyone’s got one rap song they know all the words to and can recite at any moment? Some people who were alive in the early 90’s know all of Ice Ice Baby, some of the peeps of the early 00’s know Eminem, but start Young MC and you can’t stop me. Every. Single. Word. I also have a similar hairstyle of the girl who appears in the clip AND have been known to wear a scarf in my hair. I always liked that girl.

Groove Is In The Heart
by Deee-Lite


Oh, that thing about knowing all the lyrics to things? Yeah, this one too. She also has a short hairstyle and wears scarves. What? Oh and who doesn’t love Bootsy Collins? Huh? Damn this is a crap clip though.

Opposites Attract 
by Paula Abdul and MC Skat Cat


So, before she was hosting things on reality TV shows, she was singing with a cartoon character. How is it possible this ever happened? This whole thing screams early 90’s, it’s embarrassing. The thing that’s in common with Paula and MC Skat Cat? Um, he doesn’t exist so you have nothing in common Paula!!!!! Oh 1990 was weird.

U Can’t Touch This
by MC Hammer


This had to be included because anyone who was over the age of five in 1990 has said the words “you can’t touch this” at some point in their lives. Also, MC Hammer was setting pant fashion trends in 1990 that need to be appreciated. Also, I may have been known to attempt and smash out the Hammer dance at various occasions in my life.  

Hold On
by Wilson Phillips


I wanted to include this one for all the readers of Ellie’s age and younger, because I’m going to educate you all on fashion. You may not be aware of it yet, but everything you’re wearing now has been worn before and it was worn much, much worse. The vests, the high waisted double denim, the ill-fitting jackets, they’ve all been worn before, sometimes a little better but mostly a little worse. If the fashion doesn’t interest you, hold on until the 2:48 mark and appreciate the girl vocal breakdown. It’s awesome.

by Concrete Blonde


Come on, you didn’t expect me to not include this, right? I mean, hello; Joey? That’s me! Duh. I have had this song serenaded to me a bazillion times. Secretly I love it.

If Wishes Came True 
by Sweet Sensation


Oh look! It’s Destiny’s Child before Destiny’s Child….except not. Crap pop at its best. The 90’s had so much of it and it started here. This had to be included.

Nothing Compares 2 U
by Sinead O'Connor


This is the song that was number one when my fabulous friend was born. It was by Prince, originally, but Sinead took it and made it hers. She also has about as much hair as my friend probably did when she was born. This is not much.

Ride On Time
by Black Box


This song was apparentley so good it was released once in 1989 and again in 1990 and I’m going to finish with this one, because this song is the epitome of crap dance music of the early 90’s. It’s also a little birthday present for my beautiful friend and for anyone who presses play. Chances are, you hear it once, you’ll be singing it for days….”wah-oh, wah-oh, gonna get up, gonna get up, gonna get up, you ride on time, cause you ride on time…..” You're welcome.

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