Saturday, 30 March 2013

It's My Kind of Interview - Katy Steele

After spending time finding inspiration in New York, Katy Steele is ready to embark on a solo journey that seems guaranteed to knock our socks off. Already established as one of the country's greatest voices in rock, the former Little Birdy singer looks to be exploring different genres and sounds with her upcoming 'debut.' Katy graciously answered our questions about what we can expect from the album and more. We're pretty excited. Enjoy!

Interview by Matt Bond

The new track ‘Fire Me Up’ marks your welcome return to the music scene, this time sans your Little Birdy band mates. What do you think made ‘Fire Me Up’ the perfect introduction to Katy Steele in 2013?

Katy: Well it actually was the first song out of the 50 or so that I wrote for this record that finally felt rhythmically different enough to be my solo music. I spent the first year in NYC writing tunes that could easily have been cateogorzied as a Birdy song, but was not happy with that feeling. I'd decided to have a break from the band so that I would specifically challenge myself and be forced to work with new sounds/attitudes/ rhthyms.

Can we have an update on when to expect an album release?

Katy: It will be released mid year.

What’s your fondest live music memory?

Katy: Fondest live memory was in Melbourne. We were singing 'Brother' live on TV for the APRA awards with Paul Kelly.

What do you think is the best song you’ve ever written?

Katy: I think 'Lasers' off my new record is the coolest tune I've written in a long time. It's a tune that only comes around every few years. I think Relapse is still the most pure and untouched thing I have written. There'll always be something special about things that are written completely drenched with naivety and vulnerability. 


The Australian music industry is home to so many exciting new acts. As an established artist, who are your favourite new bands and singers that are starting to make an impact today?

Katy: I think the Hungary kids of Hungary record is really great. I also think Ben Witt of the Chemist is going to make some amazing music in the future. I have Ali Barter supporting me on these shows, so I'm excited to see her live.

If you had to pick one Australian male artist, female artist and band to be listed as ‘national treasures,’ who would you pick?

Katy: Paul Kelly - Don't think I need to explain this one. But in case, no one blows my mind like Paul does.

Chrissy Amplett - She's rad. Never been one tougher since.

You Am I - Such an great band. Will never forget growing up to their records.

What can fans expect from your solo shows when you tour this year?

Katy: I have a killer three piece band backing me up, who are all seasoned rad people. I have an amazing new costume designer making these insanely sexy costumes. The new record has a real dance/electro element so the show is really pumping and super fun. 

After the album release and tour, what’s the next step for Katy Steele?

Katy: Only time will tell. But I'd say loads of collabs and another solo record.

And a huge thank you to Katy Steele for dropping in. We're already loving 'Fire Me Up,' so it's good to know we'll be able to hear a whole lot more from her in the middle of the year! Brisbane fans can see Katy live at Alhambra, Wednesday 10 April, 2013. Get your tickets from OzTix

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