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10 and 1 - Reasons To Go Splendouring In The Grass


Well, the Splendour in The Grass lineup has been announced and it promises three days of musical highs and musical lows. For the low, low price of $350 (plus a $9 booking fee, plus $99 for camping [plus a $6 booking fee], plus an undisclosed amount to obtain a parking permit if you're taking a car, plus you can offset your freaking carbon emissions for $3 a ticket - thank you for flying Splendour air) you get to enjoy the new permanent festival home at North Byron Parklands, some of the best new Australian acts, a handful of incredible established Aussie heroes, some international heavyweights, the company of your friends (if you so have any) and the company of a bunch of either a) hipster music snob fairies, or b) a bunch of wankers that will spend all of Friday complaining about how they are ready to see Mumford and Sons because "they did real good like on the triple Jays!" before seeing them live and complaining about what a boring way to finish the night they were. Substitute Mumford and Sons with The National on Saturday and Of Monsters and Men on Sunday. I've got nothing bad to say about Frank Ocean. 

You've got your heart set on going to Splendour In The Grass in 2013? Well here's ten acts I'd highly recommend you take the time to see. Ten reasons why you should go to Splendour. As is the tradition of the '10 and 1,' I'll leave you with one reason you shouldn't. Enjoy. 

THE 10:

Friday 26 July...

Cub Scouts

This will be the funnest way to kick off your festival experience. Cub Scouts and their dreamy, indie goodness will bring a smile to your dial as they bop around the stage to infectious tracks like 'Told You So' and 'Pool.' There's even a chance they'll wear those synchronised swimming outfits from the 'Pool' video. But I doubt it, because it's winter in July and that would be crazy. Just crazy.


Clairy Browne and The Bangin' Rackettes

So you want to have fun? I mean, real fun, where you get to have a dance and laugh and enjoy the sounds of talented musicians playing real life instruments and a singer with a booming voice a la Winehouse. There's three ridiculously fun back-up singers/groovers and shakers too. Oh, and there's sequined outfits and big hair and more old time charm than you crazy dubstep kids could shake a stick at.


The BBC Sound of 2013 comes to Australia's shores in July and you can be sure the Haim sisters are going to go out of their way to deliver a festival stopping performance. Often described as Fleetwood Mac with a 90s R&B twist, HAIM have already been named the next big thing and you don't want to miss being part of the show where they could truly break on through (to the other side?). 

Saturday 27 July...


You can already expect the rush to see MS MR to be huge. Triple J have been firmly behind this New York duo, Game of Thrones fans hold a special place in their hearts for them and they have a reputation for bringing their A-game to festival shows. Get excited; like Lana Del Rey last year, MS MR could offer the the most surreal crowd experience in 2013.

 Sarah Blasko

It's Sarah Blasko. Sometimes you don't need to sell someone, their performances sell themselves. 

The Polyphonic Spree

Normally I wouldn't encourage this sort of thing, but they're doing The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I repeat, The Polyphonic Spree are performing The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Did I say MS MR would offer a surreal crowd experience? Go ahead to this. If you're lucky, there'll be some old dude dragging up the place Frank'N'Furter style. 

Bernard Fanning

Powderfinger may be no more, but Bernard Fanning is ready to get back on the solo horse. Already widely acknowledged to be one of the best live performers Australia has to offer, Splendour will be the perfect chance to warm up to the sounds of his second solo album. Expect it to kick all kinds of butt. 

Sunday 28 July...

 The Jungle Giants

Brisbane music is the best! Woo! Anyway, these guys (and gal) are the bomb. Jump around to 'She's A Riot' and 'You've Got Something' and say hello to your new favourite band. 

The Presets

Even though this is their 75th appearance at Splendour in The Grass, The Presets still offer the greatest live music experience. No, no just in Australia. Yes, possibly in the entire world. Except for The Flaming Lips, but they kinda cheat with the whole giant hand lasers and giant balloons that appear out of nowhere and the giant hamster ball Coyne runs over the crowd in. What were we talking about?

Frank Ocean

Do I think he's an exciting way to bring a three day music festival to an end? Not particularly, but Frank Ocean is one of the greatest singers and songwriters to emerge in the past couple of years and it's expected he'll provide a masterclass is music performance so all in all, it's not the worst way to end your Splendour 2013.  

THE 1:

 Fat Freddy's Drop

Just kidding (but not really)... it's actually,

$350, plus a $9 booking fee, plus $99 for camping (plus a $6 booking fee), plus an undisclosed amount to obtain a parking permit if you're taking a car, plus you can offset your freaking carbon emissions for $3 a ticket.

Which almost sounds like a Fiona Apple album title, yeah? No, you're right... it's much too short. I stand by my belief that Splendour is way too overpriced. Even if you carpool, you're still looking at over $500 per person to camp. Coachella this year had Blur, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phoenix, The Stone Roses, The xx, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Vampire Weekend and a host of Splendour acts like James Blake, Passion Pit and Robert DeLong. It's a four day festival and it costs $349 USD for entry and camping (I'm assuming plus booking fees). It had the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Blur. Splendour has The National and Mumford and Sons. Yeah. 

Brace yourself, for Splendour is coming. While it's definitely going to be worth the ticket price, the question remains - should we have to pay that much? What are your thoughts - in or out for Splendour In The Grass 2013? 


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