Friday, 5 April 2013

It's My Kind of Interview - All The Colours

It's always the drummer...

Melbourne's All The Colours are quickly earning a name for themselves after the release of tracks 'Second to None' and 'Love Like This.' Their self-defined 'progressive-vintage' sound is winning them fans all over and it looks like 2013 is going to be a breakout year for this four-piece. Bass player, Johsua Mann was nice enough to answer some questions from us and here's his answers for you to enjoy. So, uh... enjoy!


You've described your music as "The Soundtrack to a Tarantino movie that has yet to be made." With that in mind, if your upcoming debut album was for a new Tarantino film, what would the movie's plot be?

Joshua: I guess the plot would be a guy finding out that he is the saviour of the world. All the while falling madly in love with the heroine, and as the movie progresses it becomes painfully clear that he must choose between the love of his life or saving the world with the story laid out we would then see this dear fellow damn the entire earth for his lover. What a twist!!

Speaking of your debut, since you've earned many a fan with the songs 'Second To None' and 'Love Like This,' when can we expect to hear a full album from you?

Joshua: Soon twenny thirteen is lookin good. Maybe later in the year ? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

What brought the four of you together? You've spent time in other bands, some of you are still in other acts - so what made you, as a collective, want to give All The Colours a go? What separates All The Colours from the other acts you've been part of?

Joshua: I think lack of satisfaction in our loins for rock. Girls dancing has more legs to it, we believe, was that a pun?

Here's a random question... what's the saddest song you've ever heard and why?

Joshua: Sad is quite broad believe it or not. I'm going to put my hat in the ring and say... Petite Machine. Kashmir. The dude Kasper is one of the best songwriters in the last twenty years, not that many would know it. English would be this bands second language maybe leading to simplification of the lyrics, but fuck that. This song lyrically is sublime and the band play the melody out with sensitivity. I'm terrified of listening to this song!

Australian music has already been pretty awesome this year. Which local singers and bands have you been listening to in 2013?

Joshua: My Dynamite!!! Bit of rock never hurt anyone? Also Lurch and Chief are onto something.

What's your touring schedule like for the rest of the year? Where can the people enjoy the 'progressive vintage' sound of All The Colours in a live setting? Have you set your sights on any overseas locations?

Joshua: Make a party happen and give us a call!!!

Since we're on the topic of live shows, if there was one music festival (any in the world) you think would be perfect for All The Colours to play, which would it be?

Joshua: The one with the best sound system. Hillsong? Seriously... Carnaval. Please.

In thirty years, when they air the All The Colours 'Behind the Music' TV special, what are they going to say about you?

Joshua: Was cast in the remake of Back to the future as the enchantment under the sea dance band.


Huge thanks to Joshua Mann for stopping by. Bring on the release of All The Colours' debut album! 

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