Monday, 1 April 2013

New Music Monday #46

The Depths
by The Blackwater Fever (2013)


It could be the one time I've been lucky enough to see them play an awesome set live, or maybe it's the fact they have a song called 'Don't Fuck With Joe' that made me love this band, even though I'm a girl and therefore not the male 'Joe' they ae referring to in that song, but I do quite like the theme of that track, because everyone knows you shouldn't fuck with Joe, or me. That's a lie, I'm not that scary, but I digress. 

Opening with guitar heavy 'When The Night Comes' it's a solid introduction to The Blackwater Fever's fourteen track album and an introduction that sets up the dark and brooding mood of this album perfectly. The bass heavy 'Can't Help Yourself' is reminiscent of some of the finest rock blues I've heard and the thrid track; 'Don't Fuck With Joe' is an awesome piece of rock storytelling and well, we all know better than to fuck with him, or me. Shane Hicks' rough vocal throughout the album is divine, it's a sound sent from the Gods of rock and one the band compliment with perfectly, the fabulous sound of his guitar and Andrew Walters' drums never overshadowing his own intense lyrics. What adds to the mood of the whole album though, is the chilling and passionate organ talents of Jed A Walters; on tracks like 'On My Mind', 'Over Broken Bones' and 'Oh Deceit' the organ transports their songs to the roots of rock, roll, blues and soul; to chilling sounds and deliciously dark grooves.   

Intersperse the fourteen tracks with some instrumental numbers and what you have with 'The Depths' is an album that feels more like an experience than a listen, at the end I feel like I've been taken on a journey through numerous times and musical genres and ultimately, it's a journey I'd be happy to take again and again. 

Jo Michelmore gives 'The Depths' four Kurt Cobains out of five

Lily Lotus Orchid Sunflower (EP)
by MKO (2013)


When I first experienced MKO live last year, it was a gig that left such an impression I did that thing, as soon as they were finished, I immediatley got my phone and pressed 'like' on their facebook page. I knew this was an act I didn't want to forget and was rewarded with the release of the beautiful single 'Snarly' earlier this year. That one's been on repeat ever since and now I've got another three songs to add to that repeat list, with the release of the second EP 'Lily Lotus Orchid Sunflower'. When I hit play, I get an immediate familar vibe with the first track 'Settle', a delicious little track of uneven grooves and layer upon layer of synth and vocal, it washes over and begs to be danced to. 'Another Day Alone' is beat heavy and Hannah's layerung of vocals is so effective, so delightful, it gives you that little feeling of excitement and thirsty for more. 'Snarly' is perfectly positioned as the thrid track in, a chilled vibe, the perfect preparation for the fabulous finish of 'Bubble', which is a defining track, a gorgeous journey of r'n'b goodness, elctro-pop with a vintage feel and a healthy dose of attitude, which also describes the entire experience of 'Lily Lotus Orchid Sunflower'; it somehow manages to maintain the cuteness that MKO exude, but combine that with a boldness that demands attention. It's a fine line to walk but one they do so successfully I don't even want to analyse how or why, I just want to enjoy the experience. They make it so easy to do that. You can get the same experience here.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Lily Lotus Orchid Flower' four Gagas out of five

Further Still
by Curxes

Sometimes music is mysterious. It has the ability to physically change you. It can force involuntary movements, a tap of your hand, a sway of your hips, a movemnet of your feet, it can force you to nod your head so dramatically your neck hurts the next day. Sometimes music is so good it gives you goosebumps and a feeling in your stomach that is so good, you almost feel sick, in the best way possible. When I hit play for the first time on UK duo, Curxes new track, 'Further Still', it wasn't at all what I expected, but the sounds of Roberta's vocal had a physical affect, I was literally stopped in my tracks and forced to listen, because their music did that mysterious thing where goosebumps appeared and a wave of excitement rushed over. Roberta's amazing, hanuting vocal begins the track, the samples and synths powerfully restarined and like a whispering scream the song builds and builds, constantly evocative, until a beat kicks in at about two minutes, creating an addiction to the Curxes sound that I desperately want to satisfy. If Macaulay and Roberta keep surprising and changing and making music like this, I can see my delicious Curxes addiction developing and it's an addiction I'm happy to live with because it's one I really, really like. You can really, really like it for free on bandcamp as well. Lucky you. 

Jo Michelmore gives 'Further Still' five Bjorks out of five


by Taylor Swift 


Look, I like Taylor Swift as much as the next person, but really, I'm so sick of seeing clips of her hanging out with her 'friends' (read: actors/dancers/other paid staff), having so much 'fun' (read: pretending to like each other when all they probably want to do is get some McDonalds and go home to watch the new Game Of Thrones, or something). It's boring Taylor. SO. Boring. I don't know about you, but don't you think your t-shirt says it all? There's clearly not a lot going on at the moment, and your pop clip formula is getting old, quickly.

Jo Michelmore gives '22' one Dannii out of five

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