Monday, 22 April 2013

New Music Monday #49

Roll It In EP
by Brothers Grim and The Blue Murders (2013)

There’s a certain swagger to Brothers Grim and The Blue Murders that makes them easy to love. Their songs pack a dirty blues punch straight to the heart. And the band’s recently released EP, Roll It In is no exception – it’s a sexy party from start to finish. James, Matt, Stephen and Dominic are the perfect hosts kicking off proceedings with the toe tapping 'Been A While'. The lights are dim and the whisky is flowing. At least, that’s how it should be when you’re listening to this song! The party is in full effect for 'Ease On In,' with its hypnotic charms causing involuntary hip thrusts and circles. James’ husky growls only add fuel to the fire.

By the time the EP’s final track, 'Baby Girl' is reached there’s no question that it’s time to dance. And the boys give plenty of opportunity for hair twirling, head nodding and booty shaking. Like all good parties you wish there was more time and that you could continue the fun all over again. Never fear, Brothers Grim and The Blue Murders are providing plenty of whisky drinking opportunities after announcing a number of tour dates across the country in the coming months.

Katie Langley gives the Roll It In EP a 'never to be seen again' four howling wolves out of five...

Get Lucky
by Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams
Album: Random Access Memories (21 May, 2013)


When you adore an act and wait eight years for a new track (soundtracks and scores aren't counted - I'm looking at you Tron Legacy), it's hard to press play. What if it sucks? It was likely something from Daft Punk wasn't going to suck, but whether I love it or not is a whole other story. I held my breath and pressed play. I was met with the sounds of a disco inspired track, which sounds more actual disco than inspired and shouldn't be surprising, considering the awesome guitar of Nile Rodgers, who played with disco heroes Sister Sledge in the 70's. Pharrell Williams' familiar voice sings the earwom inducing lyrics "we're up all night for good fun, we're up all night to get lucky," and even though the track is more disco than electronic, the typical Daft Punk touches are included, which fans will be happy with. Me? I'm not so sure I love the robots becoming more human. Do I love it? No. Do I hate it? No, definitley not. Will I love it in three weeks time? Probably. Will it become one of my fave Daft Punk tracks? Probably not. How much am I looking forward to the rest of 'Random Access Memories'? Lots. How many times am I going to play this track until May 21? Lots.

Jo Michelmore gives 'Get Lucky' three Kylie heads out of five... 

by Hamish Anderson
EP: Hamish Anderson (19 April, 2013)

Aussie rock meets American blues on 'Howl,' the first track to be released from emerging Melbourne artist, Hamish Anderson's upcoming self-titled EP. Contemporary comparisons could be made to The Black Keys and Matt Corby, but there's a distinctive quality in Anderson's voice that ensures he has his own unique stamp to put on this blend of rock, blues and soul. There's an attitude in lines like, "from the break of day, until the fall of night, burning with the fire, that only you ignite," that Anderson carries with the kind of sex appeal you'd expect from a Michael Hutchence or Lenny Kravitz. This mix of blues-infused rock and charisma should take him far.

Matt Bond gives 'Howl' four Kurt Cobain heads out of five...


Back 2 The Wild
by Basement Jaxx
Album: TBA (???, 2013)

I have no idea what I just watched... but I like it. You can always count on Basement Jaxx for a visually appealing music video and they haven't disappointed with 'Back 2 The Wild.' Its use of bright vivid colour and animal paraphernalia match the fun, upbeat and ridiculous music and lyrics, making the song much more appealing. Which it needs to; 'Back 2 The Wild,' while not terrible and probably taking on a back-to-basics approach, is sadly not Basement Jaxx's best work.

Matt Bond gives the 'Back 2 The Wild' video three Britney heads out of five...

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