Monday, 29 April 2013

New Music Monday #50

by (2013)


The start of '#willpower' didn't help, why would anyone open an album with a track titled 'Good Morning'? The first time I listened to this was at 5.56pm, so I was immediately confused and annoyed, but you know, I'm a dedicated blogger, so thought I'd keep my commitment to our New Music Monday and keep listening. The problem was, the next time I actually realised I was listening was track six, because this album is so dull, during the first five tracks my mind wandered to what I was going to have for dinner and what I'm planning to do next weekend. As I said, I'm a dedicated blogger so I returned to track two and listened again, vaguely hearing "Britney bitch" a few minutes later, which is a small moment of light...and let's be honest, that's not saying much because that song should have had more Britney and been a lot better, but I digress.

My mind wandered through another five tracks and my blogging dedication got tested, so let me summarise; Bieber made an appearance somewhere, I didn't hate 'The World Is Crazy', the track with Miley Cyrus; 'Fall Down' sounded like a commercial for some kind of insurance company, I refused to listen to the track that appears fifth and by the time I got to the last track 'Bang Bang', I was embarrassed for the original 'Bang Bang' by Nancy Sinatra. How unfortunate that song has to have the same name as this piece of unintelligent, bland four and a half minutes.

I did get through the album and the thing is; this is a album, it was never going to change the world, be deep and meaningful, reflective or life changing. It's only purpose is to entertain, but the problem I have? It doesn't. It's boring, it sounds like everyone put in minimal effort and that's not enough. I'm tired of celebrities like getting exposure on radio and TV and internet just because they are who they are. Yes, pop music IS throwaway music, mostly, but that shouldn't mean I want to bin an album before the end of an album.

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Jo Michelmore gives #willpower one Lil Kim head out of five...

by The xx
Album: The Great Gatsby OST (6 May, 2013)

Are we in agreement that The Great Gatsby soundtrack is going to be one of the best albums of the year? We are? Great. Each of the original songs we've heard so far have blown me away. Florence + The Machine, Lana Del Rey, Nero and Sia have released mind blowing tracks in the past couple of weeks and now The xx offer up 'Together.' On first listen it gives you the same chills throughout your entire body that 'Angels' conjured up. This is even more of a questionable love, seemingly doomed from the start. The tension builds to the introduction of beautiful, cinematic strings as our two leads repeat the lines, "together, to be, together, and be." Adding The xx to his Gatsby team might have been Jay-Z's most inspired move.

Matt Bond gives 'Together' four Lady Gaga heads out of five... 


by Castlecomer
EP: Lone Survivor (2013)

It's a simple idea. A dude walks up to the screen with a sign that says "how do you dance?" and then a whole bunch of people show us how they pop, lock and pirouette etc. It's simple, but it's also a lot of fun, matches the upbeat nature of 'Rosie' the song and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. What else does 'Rosie' have working in its favour? A dude in a mariachi outfit dancing in slow-mo. You can also look at some of the dancers as an example of how not to dance... ever. Flexing while dancing makes you look like a wanker, spinning a basketball while walking is not widely considered to be dancing at all and only kids look cute when they jump around like a crazy person with minimal limb control. A video that's not only fun, but educational too. It's a winner.

Matt Bond gives the video for 'Rosie' three Kylie heads out of five...   

In Stranger Times
by Jeremy Neale ft. Go Violets (2013)

Oh, Brisbane. So much better than every city in Australia and you're home to Jeremy Neale and Go Violets. This video is good (and by good I mean laugh out loud genuinely good), but I'll admit I didn't pay much attention to the song the first time I watched it. Once I finished enjoying moments such as pizza, pony club, moderately successful lucha libre, so dreamy (in slow-mo) and fighting, always fighting and never not fighting, I listened to the song and it's all kinds of retro-revival amazing. I don't want to make grand assumptions, but I'm of the opinion 'In Stranger Times' was made on a minimal budget. I love an over the top, fifty million dollar music video that's got Beyonce and one hundred back-up dancers shaking it in the desert while some near-extinct animals watch on as much as the next music fan. But it's always nice to get a reminder that an excellent music video can be made on the cheap, while not sacrificing on entertainment value. Jeremy Neale and Go Violets, you did good. 

Matt Bond gives the video for 'In Stranger Times' four Michael Hutchence heads out of five...

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