Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Gig Review - Deftones

Live @ The Tivoli, Brisbane (14/05/13)
Review by Katie Langley


Walking into The Tivoli last Tuesday evening to see the Deftones I was filled with such anticipation. They have been one of the few bands over the years to whom my love has been unconditional. I've always felt an affinity with their music, through my teenage years and beyond. And without sounding like too much of a fan girl, Chino's vocals still make me go weak at the knees.

I timed my arrival perfectly, as the band opened with "Rocket Skates". I spent "Diamond Eyes" finding the perfect spot to set up shop, and found myself with a side stage view. The crowd was taken on a trip down memory lane with "Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)" and "Shove It (My Own Summer)". I was amazed and delighted to see how many people were singing along.
Other highlights included current single "Swerve City" and old favourites "Around the Fur" and "Change (In The House of Flies)".

My side stage view was the perfect vantage point to take in all of the on stage antics. There were moments when Chino flipped on his hood and did his gangsta lean when I was convinced I'd been teleported back to the 90's. One lucky punter was invited on stage to sing during the encore and you could feel the jealously pulsing through the room. It was such a cool moment, made cooler when he dived into the crowd. I saw the guy moments later and he was shaking and grinning like mad.

Yes, the show was laced with nostalgia but Deftones proved they've still got 'it', and they're still relevant. They took us from Adrenaline through to Koi No Yokan, and I loved every moment.

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