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It's My Kind of Interview - Abbe May

Abbe May continues to prove herself one of the most creative and innovative Australian artists, with second LP Kiss My Apocalypse quickly becoming a critical hit since its release. The Kiss My Apocalypse national tour kicks off in June and you can get some tour details over at Now for a Friday treat, here's some questions Abbe was kind enough to answer for us... Enjoy!

Interview by Matt Bond

Abbe May, thanks for joining us! Kiss My Apocalypse finds you in a very different place than your 2011 LP, Design Desire. Talk us through the decision to trade in the rocking guitars for the more electronic doom pop you're favouring today...

Abbe: We wanted to experiment. I didn't want to make a second 'Design Desire' so we worked on remixing elements of recordings of rock songs I had written and we sort of stumbled upon a drum machine and synth heavy style of pop.

Kiss My Apocalypse is "it's getting a little steamy in here" sexy and devoid of any notions of true love. You've said the album tackles the concept of the death of love and it's safe to say you succeeded. When you look around, how do/did you see the 'death of love'?

Abbe: When I was experiencing it, I saw the end of love as a really tragic and unbearable experience. It was brutal having that veil lifted to see the decaying corpse in place of the rosie glow. Now I see it as inevitable within certain kinds of relationships and with certain kinds of people. Im actually glad I saw love die, because I am now much less naive. Not much gets past me these days. I smell bullshit much faster than I used to.

You've brought in a fantastic team to visually support you. Luna Laure has directed the videos for 'Karmageddon,' 'T.R.O.U.B.L.E' and 'Sex Tourettes.' What attracted you to her work and what role do you personally play in the creation of your clips?

Abbe: There is just something about Luna. She's 24 but she has a wisdom about her that is of a much older person. She's very clever and talented and has wonderful vision. Generally I just let Luna interpret the songs and it amazes me how closely she gets the intended meaning. She's wonderful about letting me chose how I am presented but I like to let her imagination create the visual sibling to my audio.

The Kiss My Apocalypse national tour kicks off in June! What do you love most about performing live and what's in store for the fans in attendance on this tour? I've heard that one can expect to doom pop til one drops...

Abbe: I like to interact with the audience. I've really missed live audiences. I haven't played for 6 months. You can expect maximum electronica, minimum guitars.

You're also set to head overseas to the US of A and Europe later in the year. Outside of Australia, where's your favourite place to perform?

Abbe: I really enjoyed Montreal. So many beautiful people. Some great bands too.

We like to ask this of all our Australian guests... which of your contemporaries have you been enjoying music-wise in 2013?

Abbe: I think Bertie Blackman is amazing. Her last album was brilliant and when i see her perform live I'm convinced she's one of Australia's greatest.

This is another one we've been getting some brilliant answers from; what do you think makes a good songwriter?

Abbe: Someone who is prepared to be honest without being literal.


What are your music guilty pleasures?

Abbe: Madonna. Confessions On A Dance Floor. I'm not guilty though. I don't care about 'cool'.

Doomsday is here! Yes the apocalypse has arrived and it's sadly not as sexy as your album would suggest. As the world falls apart around you, you choose one album to listen to. What's the album? Why did you pick it?

Abbe: Funkadelic - Maggot Brain. Because i may as well go out smokin'.

After you're done touring Kiss My Apocalypse, what's next for Abbe May?

Abbe: Im going on holiday. I'm leaving the industry behind and I'm going to live my life for a little. Then I will make another album and jump into the cycle again.

Huge thanks to Abbe May for stopping by for a chat. Now, do yourselves a favour and check out Kiss My Apocalypse! 

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