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It's My Kind of Interview - Brothers Grim and the Blue Murders

Brothers Grim and the Blue Murders released the stellar Roll It In EP last month (check out Katie's review) and are currently in the midst of an Australian tour to support it. Leading man, James Grim was gracious enough to answer some questions while on the road about the EP, touring and how often he cleans his sheets. Enjoy! 

Interview by Katie Langley

For our readers that aren’t familiar with all that is Brothers Grim and the Blue Murders can you give us a quick introduction?

James: If you took a 70's pornstar, dressed her in leather, put her on a mean motorcycle and sent her on a rabid man hunting mission armed only with a bluebird tattoo on her left breast and a penchant for dancing...then we'd be the only band she'd chase.

Basically: sex/voodoo/delta/blues/rock/'abilly

You recently released a new EP, “Roll It In”. One reviewer has said “you will probably end up drunk and pant less by the end, but this time you won’t regret it”. Sounds good to me! Do you think that’s a fair assessment?

James: Definitely, when writing a record we think it's important to consider the passionate lovers out there with alcoholic tendencies and provide an appropriate soundtrack for such beautiful behaviour. Also, it's great to think that our music is possibly enhancing people's sexual performance.

However, it should be noted several children have been conceived at our shows so take adequate precautions when playing our record or rollicking at one of our gigs

You begin your third track on the EP, “Ease On In” with the lyric “You say you never clean your sheets”. How often would you say that you clean yours?

James: The truth is not very often. But before any of your disgusted readers deflate any fantasies involving this band, it should be said that that is because all of us rarely sleep in our own beds. However it is also true that I slept in the bed mentioned in 'Ease On In' so perhaps insist that I shower...

Track six is a cover of ACDC’s “Kicked In The Teeth”. Have they always been a favourite band?

James: Definitely. Particularly the Bon Scott era. It's probably the only band that the whole band agrees had some form of real influence on them. They have never compromised and they always put their music and fans first. Plus Bon was a lyrical genius with a wicked sense of humor ... Any man that can sing a song about venereal disease and still get laid after the show has some serious talents!

If you weren’t making music you would be… ?

James: Probably wishing that I was standing on some spotlight street corner in red glitter hot pants waiting for my next John just so I could get my guitar out of hock and get back into it!

What’s the best thing that anyone has ever said about Brothers Grim and the Blue Murders?

James: The West Australian said we were "the roots of Rock writ large" which I was pretty chuffed with. But the best thing is having a whole room sing your songs back at you. Still gives me goosebumps

You’re known for putting in the hard yards when it comes to touring. What’s the one thing on tour you can’t live without?

James: Venues - they let us get away with what we get away with! Without them we'd just be driving around Australia aimlessly staring at our unused instruments wondering how in the hell we're going to cover this month’s rent.

You’ve got a soft spot for playing at The Joynt in Brisbane. What is it that you love about this venue?


James: Jodi [venue booker/owner]. The staff. The punters. Any venue that goes the extra mile for the bands that play there and pull an audience of people that love real music more than fashionable outfits and off the wall tattoos

Australian music has already been pretty awesome this year. Which local singers and bands have you been listening to?

James: Rattlin Bones Blackwood's one man band is going to take the world by storm! La Bastard are going to capture your attention with ease and you should check out anything that Frank Sultana’s involved in! Not that they need promotion but if you haven't heard of Mojo Juju or Kira Puru you should do yourself the favor.

Finish this sentence, the future of Brothers Grim and the Blue Murders involves…

James: ...a stage somewhere, four hairy old rockers on wheelchairs with colostomy bags and no teeth playing to a bunch of disappointed people screaming things like, "They used to be way better than this! They were like a Rock n' Roll revolution - now I can't even look at them without vomiting in my mouth a little."

Massive thanks to James Grim for checking in! Brothers Grim and the Blue Murders are on the road right now and you can still catch them at the shows below.

Sat 11 May - Polish Club, Canberra, ACT
Supported by Papa Pilko And The Bin Rats
Tickets $15

Fri 17 May - Mojo’s Bar, Fremantle, WA
Supported by The Dominics
Tickets $15 on the door

Sat 18 May - Indi Bar, Perth, WA
Supported by The Dominics
Tickets $15 on the door

Thu 23 May - Republic Bar, Hobart, TAS
Supports TBA
Tickets $15

Fri 24 May – The Workers Club, Launceston, TAS
Supports TBA
Tickets $15

Fri 31 May - The Joynt, South Brisbane, QLD
Tickets $10 on the door

Sat 1 Jun - The Joynt, South Brisbane, QLD
Tickets $10 on the door

Fri 7 Jun – The Matthew Flinders Hotel, Chadstone, VIC
Supports TBA
Ticket price TBA

Fri 14 Jun – The Reverence Hotel, Footscray, VIC
Support TBA
Tickets $15

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