Monday, 27 May 2013

New Music Monday #54

by Ngaiire
Album: Lamentations (July, 2013)

We have our second taste of Lamentations and once again, Ngaiire does not disappoint. 'Around' further establishes what we already took from 'Dirty Hercules'; that Ngaiire is creating the most unique sound to come from an Australian artist in years. Her brand of future soul puts her in a field notably occupied by Janelle Monae and going off 'Around' you can tell Ngaiire is more than ready to stand alongside international heavyweights. With a beautifully emotive voice and a growing knack for telling a compelling story, you can't help thinking nothing will be able to keep Ngaiire down. There's these moments in 'Around' that give off a trip-hop vibe and that has me thinking the UK will welcome this sound with open arms. It wouldn't take too long after that for Ngaiire to take the world. If Lamentations is packed full of songs matching this quality, we've got a potential album of the year candidate on our hands. 

Matt Bond gives 'Around' five Jay-Z heads out of five...

Zero EP
by Phebe Starr (out now)

It's good to know Australia's pop future is in good hands with Phebe Starr. The recently released Zero EP takes two songs we already know and love, throws in two new instant winners and lets the pop-tastic good times roll. 'Alone With You' was one of our favourite 2012 tracks; existing somewhere in the space between heartache and happiness. A true pop gem. Our first new track 'Young Hearts' walks a similar tightrope with sugary sweet music, a booming voice and lyrics infused with longing and dreams for the future. 'Jurassica' may sound like prehistoric themes await, but what you get is a higher level of pop than you can expect to hear on the charts these days. I wouldn't say it's better than 'Alone With You,' but it definitely adds an element of excitement to the EP and shows Starr has it in her to make you get up and dance. 

'The Worst Part' does that thing I love which I bring up every now and then; it ends on a stunning ballad. All of the best albums do. Listening to the final track, you can truly see how far Starr has come in such a short time as a songwriter. "Dance with me, lay with me, mirror my pain." This is almost a darker mirror image of the first track 'Alone With You,' which only makes it all the more fascinating. Without a doubt the finest listen on what is a suitably fine EP. We're going to need an LP as soon as possible... please? 

Matt Bond gives the Zero EP four Michael Hutchence heads out of five... 

by Go Violets 
EP: Go Violets (August, 2013)

I must admit, I'm quite new to jumping on the Go Violets fan-train. This Brisbane four-piece's starring role alongside Jeremy Neale on 'In Stranger Times' made me fall in love with them just a little (or a lot), so I was pretty excited to see they were releasing this new track 'Josie.' I was also pretty excited when I heard 'Josie' and it was this awesome, breezy surf rock number that should have no trouble getting the ladies some play on the J's. Between Go Violets and The Madisons, Brisbane has just become the home of Australian surf rock, with these two all female groups showing everyone else how it's done. Phoebe, Harriett, Ruby and Alice (team GV) have more of that riot grrl edge that will definitely have me coming back for more. 

Matt Bond gives 'Josie' four Kurt Cobain heads out of five...  


I Could've Been Your Girl
by She and Him
Album: Volume 3 (out now)

Did anyone else decide they'd love Zooey Deschanel forever when they watched Almost Famous? I must admit, I haven't watched that New Girl show or whatever it is that she's in because I'm afraid it will suck and push that whole 'love Zooey Deschanel forever' thing to its limits, but it should come as no surprise that I love her video for 'I Could've Been Your Girl.' Deschanel steps into the director's chair for this bright and shiny vintage dance clip. She looks beautiful, M Ward looks kinda creepy, she kicks over a kid's bike, M Ward drinks coffee and hides behind a newspaper. It works. 

Matt Bond gives the video for 'I Could've Been Your Girl' three Supreme heads out of five...


You'll Never Be Mine (Fre.E.P)
by Lancelot
Download linkage

Sydney's Lancelot is sure to send dance fans into a frenzy when they hear his tracks 'You'll Never Be Mine' and 'The Way I Feel About You.' What's even better is getting these sweet, sweet tunes for free (!) over on Soundcloud. This is some most excellent dark disco-ish house music you'll love and Lancelot looks to be one act we're going to have to keep our eyes and ears on from here on in. Go get some tunes! 

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