Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Candy Shop #4

The Candy Shop #4:
Torrini Delights
by Nayt Housman

Winter is all about comfort foods. Now that the Australian winter is really getting its teeth stuck in and the brisk winds cut right through to the under garments, it’s time to get out the blankets, put on my slippers and shake off the shivers by embracing my favorite comfort drink, a hot cup of cocoa with cinnamon and honey while listening to the perfect music to warm me from within.

Just like a hot cocoa, this week The Candy Shop features a favorite winter warmer, an artist whose music fills me with warmth, whimsy and sentiment. So get the marshmallows ready while I pour a delicious cup of Emiliana Torrini’s 2005 album ‘Fisherman’s Woman’.

‘Sunny Road’

Unrequited love, a life fully lived and coming full circle set the theme in this beautifully optimistic song. Opening for me, the book of Emiliana, a song that instantly captured my sentimental side.


As a love letter to letting go or breaking up with holding on, Lifesaver is contemplative and is infinitely superb in its simplicity. This live clip shows a little bit of Emiliana’s personality as she performs, where she is equally adorable, awkward and delightfully funny.


Sung delicately about resigning to the chaos of life, Heartstopper is effortlessly uplifting and makes me appreciate the normality of my own chaos. This also happens to be one of my favorite video clips, I mean who doesn’t love puppets?

So if you’ve never heard of Emiliana Torrini or have maybe heard of her, though not managed to fit in the time to give her a listen, winter is most certainly the season to introduce you to ‘Fisherman’s Woman’. It is the perfect album to put in your earphones and listen to in a café (or Candy Shop of course) while sipping your favorite warm drink and treating yourself to a block of chilli chocolate or warm brownies; or at home in your most unflattering winter woolies with your feet up and a fire burning.

Fisherman’s Woman really deserves the label of “timeless” due to its simplistic folk influence and creative yet simple melodies. It could easily be at home in the 60’s or 70’s as it is now or when released in 2005. Soft, intimate songs woven with piano and acoustic guitar; embellished with sounds of creaking boats and a voice that is strong yet almost a gentle whisper in parts form beautiful atmosphere while Emiliana’s confessional lyrics paint vivid pictures and invite you into her world.

So now we know how I like to get cozy during winter. What’s your favorite
winter comfort?

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