Sunday, 23 June 2013

20 and 1 - Best Songs of 2013 (So Far)

Janelle Monae

2013... So Far
by Matt Bond

Doesn't the time fly by. It only seems like yesterday that we left 2012 behind and walked into 2013 with resolutions for the year ahead that we broke about a week later. Making good use of that gym membership? Me neither. The fact is, June is almost over and you know what that means? Mid-year music recap lists are gonna start popping up all over the place! Around this time each year, and like a lot of other high class music publications,  It's My Kind of Scene likes to take a look back at the best tracks we've heard over the past six months. And to answer your question, yes... when I say we're a high class music publication I mean 'high class' the way a prostitute might say they're high class. Think about it. Now stop thinking about it because it doesn't make sense.

Moving away from that whole 'hooker' thing, we're super sizing the old '10 and 1' format tonight. How about we listen to the twenty best songs of 2013 so far? Of course, it would just be damn wrong not to hate on at least one track released this year, and the '10 and 1' format requires one track must walk the plank of shame I just made up in my mind. Any guesses as to what it's going to be?

In Alphabetic Artist Order...

I Need Answers
by Asta


West End
by Astrid and The Asteroids


by Chvrches

Beautiful Parade
by Colour Bomb 

Bridge of Bones
by Crystal Fighters 

by Cub Scouts

Further Still
by Curxes


by Ella Hooper

by Go Violets

The Courtship of Summer Preasley
by The Griswolds 

by Janelle Monae ft. Erykah Badu

by Justin Timberlake 

New Slaves
by Kanye West

by Monarchy ft. Dita Von Teese 

Dirty Hercules
by Ngaiire ft. Nai Palm 

by San Cisco 

The Alphabet Song
by Texas Tea  

Around Here
by Thelma Plum 

by The xx

by Yeah Yeah Yeahs


by ft. Justin Bieber


For crimes against music, the plank of shame awaits the Biebs and William. When it's time for the 2013 Anti-Scene Awards... will we be naming it the worst song of the year? Only time will tell, but as we already know, time flies by. We're going to need a bit of time to block #thissteamingpileofyouknowwhat from our minds. What are your fave (and not so fave) songs of the year so far? 

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