Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Gig Review - Brothers Grim and the Blue Murders

Brothers Grim and the Blue Murders
Live @ The Joynt, Brisbane (31/05/13)
Supported by Bare White Knuckles
Review by Katie Langley

As I approached The Joynt for the Brothers Grim and the Blue Murders gig on Friday night I knew I was going to be in for a treat. People were spilling out of the venue, laughing, drinks in hand. There was a special feeling in the air. I think mostly it was the feeling that everyone there was completely hammered, but that was special nonetheless.

Support act Bare White Knuckles had the crowd well and truly primed. This self-described “rockin’/drinkin’/in ya face kinda blues band” certainly lived up to their name. Vocalist Caitlin was so full of energy and zest – it was contagious.

In the moments before Brothers Grim and the Blue Murders took to the stage, as I stood shoulder to shoulder with my fellow punters, so close that I could nearly smell their breath, I wondered if perhaps the band had out-grown the venue. I have never seen The Joynt so busy! It was really amazing to see.
James, Dominic and Caitlin from Bare White Knuckles provided some entertainment while we waited for Matt and Stephen to finish their cigarettes. Entertainment in the form of Vanilla Ice and Run DMC. It might’ve been a rock show, but we lapped it up.

The band treated us all to songs from the recently released “Roll It In” and favourites from “A Year To Forget”. In between songs James encouraged the crowd to take off an item of clothing with the promise that he too would oblige. There was a little trepidation, but with some encouragement from the front man, and a lot of liquor, people began to peel of their layers. I saw shirts, jumpers and bras whizz past my head. I knew things were starting to get rowdy when a lady took off her pink lace G-string and threw it on James. I looked around, feeling very over dressed, particularly when James stripped down to his underpants.

Special mention needs to be made of Dominic’s hair. Have you heard the saying “curls get the girls”? They certainly got me! Windmilling and playing upright bass is a special talent indeed.

Brothers Grim and the Blue Murders are a band known for their relentless touring, and it shows. Do yourself a favour: buy the EP and get yourself to the next gig! A word of advice though, wear your nice underwear.

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