Monday, 17 June 2013

New Music Monday #56

Open Up Your Mind
by The Demon Parade
(Australian tour release)

I could use a whole bunch of comparisons to a whole bunch of bands that The Demon Parade always get compared to; bands like the Rolling Stones, The Dandy Warhols and the Stone Roses...but then you might get an idea that their new single 'Open Up Your Mind' is a fantastic 60's inspired psychadelic track with a rich, messy sound and vocals that makes their way into your mind and don't go away for days. Oh, wait, that's exactly what the single from these Melbourne darlings sounds like, which is awesome. Perhaps comparisons aren't always a bad thing then?

Jo Michelmore gives Open Up Your Mind four Michael Hutchence heads out of five...

Never In A Million Years
by Emma Birdsall
Album: (to be released 2013)

Emma Birdsall was a contestant on Australia's version of The Voice last year. Some people are going to stop reading after that sentence. Others are going to perservere and for those that do they'll be rewarded with a pleasant, smooth track; Emma's debut single from her first album to be released in July. Written by Josh Pyke and Lee Groves, she's got some impressive names to help her out and the result is a cute and catchy perfect first song to accentuate the almost jazz stylings of Emma's voice. It's the type of track that's screaming for a remix and it's a track that is a nice introduction to Ms. Birdsall. Those that stopped reading at the first sentence might regret that in a few months time. 

Jo Michelmore gives Never In A Million Years three Supremes heads out of five...

by Lorde
EP: The Love Club (out now)

“Royals” is the single from singer-songwriter Ella Yelich-O’Connor’s debut EP “The Love Club”. The 16 year old New Zealand songstress has been celebrating the EP’s success after it reached #1 on the NZ charts and #39 in Australia. The opening beat to “Royals” had me intrigued. I found myself nodding along, anticipating what was to come. I wasn’t disappointed. This song is the ultimate ear worm. And you know what? That’s more than okay with me. I could listen to it over and over again. Wait, scratch that. I HAVE been listening to it over and over again!

There’s a simplistic genius to “Royals” – a catchy beat, enchanting vocals and relatable lyrics. Initially it feels like there’s a little sadness to the song. Ella aka Lorde tells us that she’s never seen a diamond in the flesh and that she’s not proud of her address. She goes on to poke fun at the popular music videos with their Cristal and “tigers on a gold leash”. But the end of the song there’s a sense of acceptance and defiance. I love this song, and I'm going to be bold and say that you will too. Ella is due to release her next EP “Tennis Court” on July 22, and I can’t wait to see what this talented young lady comes up with next.

Katie Langley gives Royals five Jay-Z heads out of five...

Up With The Anchor EP
by Andrew Swift and The Rattlesnake Choir (out now)

"How many times have we done this dance? You need your space, I'll understand. But everytime, you steal this heart of mine." I can't say I've heard Andrew Swift and The Rattlesnake Choir before, but with those snappy opening lines of 'The Dockland Lights' I was hooked. I'm a sucker for a good romantic rock song, which let me tell you isn't easy to pull off. It's only too easy to fall into cheesy/too cute territory when you've got lyrics like, "every love story needs to end with a smile, if you've lost your grin, I'll give you mine," but Melbourne's Andrew Swift charmingly pulls it off. A memorable way to kick off the Up With The Anchor EP that I'm sure will be a favourite track to many. 

Next up is 'Refer To The Atlas,' which moves in a slightly bluesier direction and speaks to anyone that's ever wished they could just pull up stumps and blow this town. Which, let's be honest, is everyone. The chorus is likely to work its way into your head and have you singing along to, "my heart, my heart feels the need to sail away." Colin Dawson's work on the guitar stands out alongside Swift's final howls as the song comes to a close.

There's two sides to Andrew Swift that come out on the EP. The rocking leading man that's present in the first three songs and the more relaxed, acoustic singer-songwriter that shows up on the last two tracks, 'Restless Hearts' and 'Making The Nouveau Rich.' It's easy to like both sides and hopefully he lets both stick around for future releases. 'Making The Nouveau Rich' metaphorically knocked me off my feet, because the words told a story that eerily sounded like mine from not too long ago and just like with 'Refer To Atlas' I'm sure that will apply to many of us. Maybe you're amiss of a real life right now. Listen to 'Making The Nouveau Rich.' It's a great way to close us out and is the best example of Andrew Swift, fantastic vocalist and relatable songwriter. Well done, sir.

I hope I get to see the songs on Up With The Anchor performed live sometimes soon, because I can already tell that Andrew Swift and his Rattlesnake Choir band would put on one helluva show. Give this one a go, friends. 

Matt Bond gives the Up With The Anchor EP four Michael Hutchence heads out of five...


Tears Always Win
by Alicia Keys
Album: Girl on Fire (out now)

Just in case you forgot, Alicia Keys is stunningly beautiful. The song's not bad either.

Matt Bond gives the video for Tears Always Win three Britney heads out of five...


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