Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Candy Shop #6

The Candy Shop #6:
Ambiguous Sweets
by Nayt Housman

Life is such a drag.

Have you ever started eating a pack of Chilli Warheads and thought “there’s no freakin way I can eat anymore of these suckers!” only to find that 8 hours later you’ve eaten the whole bag and suddenly have a bad case of diarrhea but totally don’t regret it? Well this is exactly how I feel about Drag; high potential to cause a bad taste in my mouth but then after a whole bunch of it I realise I haven’t died and actually “this shit is the SHIT!”

Drag has almost always been part of human culture and thanks to some pioneering and talented/determined chameleons, drag is more than ever becoming a common form of entertainment and breaking into mainstream media. Here I share with you all a taste of some of the most important and my fave queens to grace the stage and screen.



Arguably the undisputed Queen of queens, RuPaul became the first drag queen in history to break into mainstream culture. After appearing in a handful of indy movies in the 80’s then success with ‘The Rupaul Show’ in the 90’s and the current hit show ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’, Rupaul wears the shoes (not literally durrr) of Tyra Banks and Oprah Winfrey in the drag world. But don’t think RuPaul is limited to just being a TV host. This bitch is fierce and also has had success in the music industry. Worrrrrrk!

Sharon Needles


Discovered in season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Sharon Needles represented a brand of drag never seen before on the show and not celebrated in the world of drag, UNTIL this beautiful, spooky, stupid queen, with her sassy attidude, quick wit and catch phrase “If in doubt, freak em out”, took out the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar. After the show Sharon released her debut album PG-13 and began a world tour to spread her spooky brand.

Amanda Lepore


While not literally a drag queen but an entertainer nonetheless. Amanda Lepore is New York’s most well known transgendered, muse and socialite performer. More known for her caricature looks of starlets from the silver screen era (think ultra pumped up Marilyn Monroe), Amanda has taken our modern ideals of beauty to the extreme and uses vanity as her power. Massive boobs, enormous lips, cat eyes, whatever you think of her, you can’t help but stare and be swept up by the art work she has become.


The starlet of John Waters cult films, Devine became probably most well known for eating dog poop in his film ‘Pink Flamingos’. With her brash, offensive attitude and “don’t mess with me” demeanor, Devine was Queen of the underground in the 70’s and 80’s art film scene. This is one queen who WILL leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Lady Gaga


Not drag you say? Ummmm Jo Calderone, hello! Gaga is by no means my favorite musician but what she borrows from drag queens in inspiration; she also gives back by inspiring a new generation to explore the art of expression through transformed appearance and performance and by being a pop sensation her reach is wide.

So however you feel about drag and whatever you think you know about drag, there are more layers to it then your favorite baklava and it can be sweeter than a Wonker chocolate river ride. So pop a few episodes of Drag Race on your telly and I promise you’ll not only pee with laughter but you’ll discover a world that will cripple your toes, fluff your wig and make your lashes flutter like a butterfly in the spring.

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