Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Candy Shop #8

 Do do na na indeed...

Na Na, Do Do and Ooh La La
by Nayt Housman

We here at ‘It’s My Kind Of Scene’ are all talented karaoke-ists and as a talented kareoke-ist one must realize the value of 'the filler'. Sometimes when performing, things go wrong, like you can’t be bothered reading the lyrics, can’t keep up with the song or get too caught up in the dancing. So how can we convincingly (sort of) cover our mistakes? No need to stop singing! Simply throw in a little “na na na”, “la la la” or maybe a “do do do”. It’s what a professional would do.

Here’s some examples the professionals prepared earlier.

The Na Na Na

I’ll Be Your Shelter
by Taylor Dayne

Taylor Dayne is practically the original Anastacia (you know ‘I’m Outta Love’?). I truly need to find a karaoke place that dishes out some Taylor so I can serve it on a plate “na na nana nana” style

The Do Do Do

 Ode To My Family
 by The Cranberries

Do do-do-do do do-do-do you like The Cranberries? I love them, no matter how many repetitive lyrics or sound effects they use. Do do-do-do you have to zoooombeh, zoooombeh, zoooombeeh-EH eh-EH eh-EH eh-EH oh-OH oh-OH oh-OH oh-OH oh-OH oh-OH, eeeeeeeeeh arrrrrrrrrrrrrr-aaaah-aaaah-aaaaaah, let it linger?

The La La La x 2 
(I couldn’t choose one, so sue me)

Can’t Get You Outta My Head
by Kylie

My sexy boyfriend and I karaoke the shit out of this modern Kylie classic and I’m not ashamed to say we even know (and perform) the dance moves. (I've witnessed this, many times. They perform this incredibly well, it's full of la la la's...and it's hot. - Jo)

 Ooh La La
by Goldfrapp


Alison needs “ooh la la”; I need this song on a karaoke list somewhere, as well as Taylor Dayne. I’ve got flares and puffy sleeves just aching to be worn and hips that need shaking.

It is a professional (no really, it is) technique capable of making simple songs addictive, corny songs even cornier (for better or worse) and fixing sticky karaoke situations. Never underestimate the power of the 'the filler' next time you find yourself performing (badly) to a room full of friends and/or strangers. It might mean the difference between winning a free meal or being booed out of your local RSL. I wonder if it would work for a speech?

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