Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The K-Tizzle Sizzle - The Weird And Weirder

This guy, wearing that jacket, is famous. That's weird. It gets weirder.

The Weird And Weirder
by Katie Langley

Music video clips are big business! Artists are constantly vying for our attention in new and crazy ways. It’s amazing the amount of time, money and often product placement that goes into them. *cough* J-Lo and Pitbull’s song “Live it Up” *cough*.

Have you noticed that the video clips keep getting weirder and weirder?

Need U
 by Duke Dumont featuring A*M*E

In this clip we meet a man with a problem that affects him in his day-to-day life. It impacts him when he jogs, shops, and even while waiting for public transportation.

La La La
 by Naughty Boy featuring Sam Smith 

After having a big fight with his Dad, we see a young boy take off across the neighbourhood, collecting misfits as he goes. They appear to join forces and confront some kind of demon creature together in a cave. Although, these new so called misfit friends then leave the young boy there in the cave! What? Why? Are they leaving him to die?

Get Up
by Bingo Players featuring Far East Movement

Ornithophobia is the fear of birds. After watching this clip you may start to feel differently about ducks.

Play Hard
by David Guetta featuring Ne-Yo and Akon


In the beginning of the clip we witness some scary looking gang members making a sneaky deal... For a pair of elf type shoes. From here the clip starts to make even less sense.

 There are a few characters that make continual appearances – a woman who has a booty with a mind of its own, cowboys in red, and a person in a gold mask. And what do they have in common? Elf shoes.

Big Bad Wolf
by Duck Sauce


This is the journey of two men. Initially they seem like regular guys with regular jobs. But then we see a giant bulge in their pants. The men start to get a little, err, excited, and drop trou to reveal howling human heads where their junk should be. Yes, you read that correctly.

There's an awkward shower and teeth brushing scene before they head out for a night on the town. I don't want to give too much away, but let's just say that our gents meet some ladies and find out they have something in common...

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