Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Autopsies, Astrid and Asteroids...

'Autopsy' Single Launch
With Astrid and The Asteroids @ The Hideaway
by Matt Bond

Emerging as one of the brightest new Brisbane bands over the past year, Astrid and The Asteroids seem to take it to another level with each release. Following up the infectious 'West End' was going to be no easy feat, but the new single 'Autopsy' has blown me away. Astrid Jorgensen found inspiration for the song in the story of Texan clock tower killer, Charles Whitman. In the post massacre autopsy, he was found to have had a brain tumor that may have prevented him from controlling his own actions. Jorgensen questions, "what separates good from evil?" as the 'Autopsy' narrator goes from medical rejection to mass murderer.

This is dark material. Very dark in contrast to Astrid's sweet and soaring vocal lines. The band embrace a steady pop/rock balance, starting light and adding on heavier layers throughout. Final result? A compelling three and a half minutes and a giant leap forward for Astrid and The Asteroids. "Five knocks on the doctor's door, don't know what I am asking for, but I don't feel fine." Outstanding. Bring on October and the release of the band's second EP!

Brisbane fans can catch Astrid and The Asteroids launching 'Autopsy' at The Hideaway in the Valley this Saturday, August 3. They'll be joined by Hailey Calvert and Isabel. Tickets are only $5 and you'd want to get in early. The Hideaway fills up! Give 'Autopsy' about a thousand listens before then so you can join in on the singalong.


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