Saturday, 13 July 2013

Candy Shop #11

 Geri. She was always looking for a way out.

The Raw Ingredients And Cream
by Nayt Housman

Girl groups just aren’t what they used to be. Were the 90’s the undisputable decade of girl groups? I don’t know! I sure did love them, though like all good things they come to an end. As they say “with death comes rebirth” and here I present some of my fave birthlings to be popped out of a girl group.

 Siobhan Donaghy

by Siobhan Donaghy  
(Ironically titled?)


As a founding member of the most successful girl–group-brand, the Sugababes, Siobhan was set for big success in the pop world but due to rumored bullying by Keisha (who was best friends with Mutya) Siobhan left the group amid a promotional tour because she was emo over Keisha’s bullying ways. What’s that you say? The original three have all left the Sugababes and have reformed as the new super girl group MKS? YOU LIE!

by the Sugarbabes 
(I will never overload on the Origibabes.)


Geri Halliwell

Look At Me
by Geri Halliwell 
(The ultimate Geri)


As Ginger Spice she was part of one of the world's most successful girl groups and constantly during her time with the group topped popularity polls as 'Favourite Spice'. In 1998, the pop music world gasped for air the day Geri’s solicitor informed the press that Ginger Spice would be no more. The Spice Girls ultimately met their demise (though they rejoined in 2007) and although this fact saddened me more than anything at the time, Geri did deliver some sweet, sweet goodies of her own.

Who Do You Think You Are 
by the Spice Girls
(Such humble understated beginnings?)


Shaznay Lewis

Lets face it; All Saints were Shaznay (Tricia Marie, why did you make up such an awful name?) and a few backup singers. Who remembers the other girl’s names? Who cares! She was the brain behind most of the song writing and her voice was unmistakably All Saints. The problem was she knew it and when one of the other bitches wanted to wear a jacket she obviously had her eye on, shit hit the fan and the All Saints were all over. Yeah, yeah I know they reformed too but that certainly didn’t last long. Shaz is now successfully writing material for other artists including MKS. Am I dying with pleasurable anticipation to hear this new collaboration? OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG…

Never Felt Like This Before 
by Shaznay Lewis
(That’s because you left the band over a jacket gurl!)


As much as some of us may try to deny it, we’ve all been touched by a girl group (some have even been touched by a group of girls). When I’m touched, I never want it to end and I want to be able to get it whenever I want it, however sometimes I have learned I must settle for the raw ingredients and the cream.

Black Coffee
by All Saints


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