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It's My Kind of Interview - The Paper Kites

The Paper Kites have a huge six months ahead of them. They're currently gearing up for the release of their debut album and preparing to head out on a huge tour throughout Australia and North America. We think they're pretty much amazing - their current single 'St Clarity' is sitting at #1 on our weekly Top 25 and is one of the finest tracks released in 2013. Tonight we bring you a virtual chat we had with The Paper Kites' bass player, Sam Rasmussen about the upcoming album, tour and more. Enjoy! 

Interview by Matt Bond

Hello and welcome! What have you been up to this week?

Sam: Well we have just started rehearsals for the upcoming tours, so it’s all go! We've been in the studio pulling out tracks and samples that we want to incorporate in our live show, as well as enduring some lengthy practices, trying to get back in to the playing live side of things!

After two EP's, 2013 sees your first full length album States released. How did the recording process compare for the album as opposed to last year's Young North EP?

Sam: To be honest, the recording process was pretty similar. Making Young North was in many ways a bit of a trial for the album. After being really happy with how Young North turned out, we decided to go back to Sing Sing and once against work alongside Wayne Connolly.

The response to the first single from States, 'St Clarity' has been overwhelmingly positive. What made you choose 'St Clarity' as the first preview of the album and what separates it from the other tracks it stands alongside?

Sam: From pretty early on, we always wanted to release St Clarity first. It just felt like the right move to us. I think it stands out from the rest of the songs as the most like our older stuff. It heavily features the banjo, and a pulsing beat throughout which are pretty common features in our early songs.

What was it like working with Natasha Pincus on the video for 'St Clarity' and how did you come up with the beautiful concept for it?

Sam: It was a privilege working with Natasha. She is an absolute professional and a very talented visionary. Originally it was Sam (Bentley) that found our bubble artist online and he was really keen to get him down to Australia and use him for the video. From there it was between Sam and Natasha that the concept came to life.

In exciting news for Australian fans, you're embarking on a national tour to support the album's release. In even more exciting news for you, you're heading over to North America for your first tour of the USA and Canada! What do you love about performing live and what are some essential items you need on the road?

Sam: It's safe to say that performing live is the absolute pinnacle of being in a band. And having the opportunity to play so many different cities both here in Aus and overseas is an absolute blast! The number one essential item we all take with us is headphones. With the amount of travel we do, it really helps to zone out for an hour or two listening to a good album. Putting on the headphones is the equivalent of putting up the 'do not disturb' sign.

What are you planning to do in America in your down time (if you have any!)?

Sam: Looking at our schedule, I don't actually think we'll get much down time. We seem to be playing about 5-6 shows a week, and will have to do a lot of travel between cities. I know that we will be traveling past Niagra Falls on our way to Toronto so perhaps we'll stop by and get a few mandatory tourist photos.

If there was a list of five albums that everyone was required to listen to, which albums do you think deserve to make the list and why?

Sam: The Beatles - Abbey Road
Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger
Fleetwood Mac - Rumors
Death Cab For Cutie - Plans
Bon Iver - Bon Iver

Each of these albums need no explanation. They speak for themselves.

What other Australian acts have you been loving this year?

Sam: Really dig the new Cloud Control song (Dojo Rising).


Everytime I hear your song 'Featherstone' I think of Grey's Anatomy. It's the place a lot of people would have been introduced to your music (and it's not that bad a show, so stop judging me). There are obviously huge benefits to having a song appear in such a popular show. What was it like for The Paper Kites after the episode aired and are you open to the tracks from States appearing on film and TV?

Sam: It was a bit of fun hearing our song on the season finale. We had a good laugh as we considered the makeshift DIY manner in which the song was recorded, and the contrast of hearing it on such a hugely successful show. It certainly created a bit of a response as it aired in each country and even now we still get emails and comments saying 'I discovered you on Greys!'

Now pick which show you'd love to have a song appear in... 

Sam: It would definitely be Sesame Street!

A huge thank you to Sam Rasmussen for taking the time to answer our questions. The Paper Kites release their debut album States in August and you can see them on tour nationally in late August and September and through North America in October and November. You can get your tickets from www.thepaperkites.com.au!

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